TREK HARISHCHANDRAGAD on 18-19 June 2016

General Information

• Region: Malshej ghat
• District: Ahmednagar
• Range: Harishchandragad
• Height: 4671 feet
• Grade: Moderate/Difficult/Easy (depending on the chosen route)
• Duration: 2 days 

Cont. Raj Singh : 09029148241

Harishchandragad is one of the best trekking spot in the Sahyadris of Maharashtra. It can be rated 8 in the scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest. A trek to Harishchandragad is a must for trekking lovers.
Harishchandragad is a fort located in the Ahmednagar part of Maharashtra state in India. It holded a lion's share in controlling the surrounding areas. This fort has got an eye pleasing natural beauty, along with a diverse flora and fauna. Harishchandragad is famous for a lot of specialties such as its marvelous natural beauty, tough trek & none other than the beautiful Konkan Kada.

Harishchandragad is also known as trekker's paradise as rappelling, rock climbing & valley crossing can be done simultaneously in one trek itself. It is also famous as the best fort in Maharashtra for camping. There are nearly 9 caves in total inculding 2 big caves on Harishchandragad which can accomodate around 100-150 campers.
Routes: There are 3 popular ways to get to the fort. One via Khireshwar Village, via Nalichi Vaat [Extremely difficult] and the easiest one via Pachnai Village.


Saptatirtha Pushkarni 
A pond named Saptatirtha Pushkarni is present on the eastern side of the temple. On its bank are 14 temple-like constructions in which there are idols of Lord Vishnu. However, these idols are now shifted in the caves besides Harishchandreshwar temple. Some stupid and irresponsible trekkers are making this pond untidy by throwing plastic waste and other stuff. A few years back the water was potable, and now you can't even think of swimming in it. 

Kedareshwar Cave 
Moving parallely along the temple, just a few steps after it lies a huge cave known as the Kedareshwar cave. Inside the cave is a big Shivlinga, of about 5 feet tall, which is completely surrounded by water. A huge stream of water flows outside the cave during monsoons, which hardly makes it possible to enter the cave. Moreover, the water in the cave is ice cold ! 

Harishchandreshwar Temple
The temple is an excellent structure made out of sculpture carving and depicts the medieval period temples of ancient India. The temple is arount 16 meters high from its base. This temple has got a few caves and water tanks surrounding it. A river called Mangal Ganga is said to originate from one of these water tanks. There are three main caves near the temple. The cisterns near the temple provide drinking water. A short distance away, another temple called Kashitirtha is located. The fascinating thing about this temple is that it has been carved out from a single huge rock. There are entrances from all the four sides. These are faces of guards of the temple. On the left side of the entrance is a Devnagri inscription, which is about saint Changdev.

Konkan Kada (Konkan cliff) 
Well, this is an interesting spot for which most of the trekkers come here. This cliff faces towards west and looks down on Konkan. The Konkan Kada is approximately 4000 m in height. It is an overhang, like a cobra's hood. When there is little fog in the valley, and the sun is behind the person facing the valley, a circular rainbow can be seen. One phenomenon that can be observed at this place is the vertical cloud burst, in which the clouds nearing the cliff get sucked into the pit fall area below are thrown vertically into the sky reaching more than 50 feet (15 m). It creates a magical wall that is rising straight from the edge of the cliff without entering the landmass area.

Taramati Peak 
Being the second highest peak in Maharashtra,Ttis is the topest point on the fort (1429 m), and is also known as Taramanchi. From this peak, many of the surrounding forts like Naneghat, Siddhagad, Ajoba, Kulang fort can be seen. Many people have seen leapords in the jungle beyond this peak.

Brief itinerary 
Day 1

Catch 12:14 AM Kasara local train starting from CST from your convenient station 
Mumbai CST 12:14 AM
Dadar 12:32 AM
Kurla 12:42 AM
Ghatkopar 12:48 AM
Thane 01:08 AM
Dombivili 01:31 AM
Kalyan 01:41 AM
Kasara 02:55 AM

* Meeting point: kasara Station @ 2.55 AM

03:00 am: Journey Start towards base Village (Pachnai) by Pvt. Vehicle 
05:30 am: Reach pachnai and freshen up and breakfast
07:00 am: Start trekking to Harishchandragadh
10:00 am: Reach Harishchandragdh. Explore the fort
01:30 pm: Lunch 
05:00 pm: Trek to Konkankada and enjoy the magnificent view and sunset
07:00 pm: light snacks and team games.
08:30 pm: Have dinner. Campfire
10:30 pm: Lights off and good night 

Day 2
06:00 am: Wakeup call followed by Morning chores.
06:30 am: Tea & Breakfast
07:00 am: Start trekking towards taramati peak, second highest peak of Maharashtra (Depends on time avialblity)
09:15 am: Reach the top and enjoy the view. From here all the routes to Harishchandragdh is visible.
09:50 am: Start descends another end towards base village
01:30 pm: Reach Pachnai and have lunch.
02:30 pm: Move towards Kasara in private jeep.
05:00 pm: Reach Kasara and depart to home with awesome memories.

Trek Fees: INR 1500/- (Per Participants’ )
*Trek Fees would be INR 1400/- (Per Participants’ ) for first 10 Participants who enrolled 

To book one has to transfer non-refundable amount of 600/-

Account Details
A/c Name : Raj Singh
Bank Name : AXIS BANK
Account ID : 912010022801101
1) While online transfer, please provide your name in notes section.
2) Once payment is done, please send an email to with transaction id, Name.

– Transportation from Kasara to Kasara by Pvt. Vehicle.
– Camping accommodation at Harishchandra Gad
– Dinner, Tea, Breakfast & Lunch (Veg.)
– Expertise and Guide Charges

– Train tickets till Kasara
– Mineral water or soft drinks
– Emergency transport costs
– Anything mentioned than above

Things to carry: 

• Clothes: Wear light cotton clothes or comfortable partially synthetic clothes that can dry off quickly if you happen to get wet. Shorts or three-quarter pants are always      better than full length clothes which usually get muddied in puddles or by splash-back. Avoid light colors which are prone to becoming stained. A jacket is a must have    item particularly if you plan to walk a lot outside or trek. A windcheater is useful to keep you warm during the rains, one without lining is better than one with as most       parts of India are quite warm once it stops raining. If you plan to go to a hill-station which is cooler and where it rains quite heavily, a jacket with a warm lining would       also be useful.

• Umbrella: Generally to just walk around cities, an umbrella should work just fine to keep you relatively dry. Convenient folding umbrellas are easy to carry and do not      take up much space. 

• Shoes: Closed water-proof shoes are essential to keep your feet clean. Avoid wearing open rubber slippers or sandals that will only dirty your feet. Wearing sneakers or canvas shoes is also a bad idea as they take a long time to dry when they get wet.

• Mosquito Repellant or Nets: The monsoon attracts plenty of mosquitoes and it is best to prevent yourself from being bitten so that you don’t get sick. Mosquito borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever are very dangerous, particularly during monsoon. It is therefore important to keep repelling mosquitoes using tropical strength repellant. If you are able to set one up easily, a mosquito net is also worthwhile for when you sleep.

• Food and Water: Food tends to spoil or get moist easily in the monsoons, so it is worthwhile carrying small airtight containers if you want to pack food. 

• Personal medicines. Extra Pair of clothes, Torch, avoid wearing Gold and other valuable ornaments,

please notes that this is an environment friendly outing. Do not litter any wrappers (please take it back to your home for disposal) or spoil the place in any way.

Alcohol, drugs or narcotics, firearms and gambling on the Trek, smoking, entry to the area set aside for use by the opposite sex, offensive behavior which may lead to expulsion from the Trek

organizer have reserves the right to withdraw and or make any alterations that they may deem advisable for the convenience and the best interests of tour.

Extensive and painstaking preparations have gone into planning of this tour for your safety. While every care has been taken to ensure safety, organizers cannot be held responsible for any accident, illness and such other unforeseen eventualities.

It is most essential to be fit and fine before heading for tour. While planning your trip, it is preferable to have a medical fitness check up done. If suffering from any kind of allergy or ailment, do carry proper prescribed medicines to prevent serious health problem including heatstroke, sever headache, cough, dehydration and hypothermia. Participants suffering from chronic conditions like asthma, bronchitis, blood pressure, migraine, diabetes etc. should seek their physicians advice before coming.

Note: Organizers reserve the right to make changes/cancel to their programs at any point of time without prior notice

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