About Waterfall Rappelling

The rains bring about a dramatic change in the outdoors and one of the striking features that calls all of us are the Waterfalls. A childhood fantasy of drenching yourself below one is un-containable. This urge refuses to go away even as an adult. While many spend hours below the falls, it only takes imagination to understand what it would be like to be in the midst of it, before the water touches the ground!

Rappelling is the technique of descending a rope by using friction to safely control the rate of descent. While dry rappelling is done over cliff faces or small rock faces, Waterfall Rappelling involves coming down a cliff face or rock face with gallons of water pouring down on you.
Strong safety anchors, appropriate safety gear, safety supports and learning the right technique makes this activity very safe and exciting. The adrenaline rush is tremendous and the feeling exhilarating!

Odati Adventures has been conducting this activity for the past 8 years and brings to you amongst the best gear, judgment and trained hands to make sure that you are not left with any question marks in your head as you look down the waterfall and imagine getting lost in it for a few moments before touch down.

Conditions of the water define which face we use. The top is approachable so that once you are down you can simply walk up in an enhanced state of mind. Every slip others take fills you with slight bit of doubts, but each slip you take makes you more confident of the system and then on you go down the waterfall with a feeling of fulfilment. Your 2nd attempt is always better when you are ready to experiment with the water even more; hopping in the middle of the full force, shouting your lungs out expressing your ecstasy.

Monday morning, office becomes a place to tell other people how they wasted a weekend sitting at home while you were at a high. The stories will flow for a few more weeks….you will surely remember this as one of the best adventures for a long time to come.

Odati Adventures deploys the best equipment available for all its technical activities and has an impeccable record in conducting activities that need a very high standard of safety, attention, management

Trip Price : ₹INR 2,350

Duration: 1d

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12 July 2015

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30 August 2015

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06 September 2015

Scheduled Activity : Technical - Waterfall Rappelling
Destination : Bhivpuri
Region : Karjat
Meeting Place : Bandra Station (W)
Report Time : 0545Hrs
Route : Bandra - Sion - Vashi - Panvel
Transport : AC MUV or Equivalent
Drive Duration : ~2Hrs
Hike/Ride Duration/Day : 1d
Grade : Easy

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