The Kondana caves enclose sculptures, vihara, cahitya and stupas, specimens of ancient Buddhist architecture. Although there was an earth quake in the early 1900s many stupas, the front entrance and the floor of the caves were damaged. But what remains intact is the beautiful Chaitya that welcomes you to the rock cut caves that were created around 200 BC - 100BC. 

If your fond of ancient sculpture it sure will fascinate you, the carvings feature dancing men and woman all held together with octagonal pillars. Although now that the masses have visited this cave it seems the trek is quite littered, although there are still some very cool things like rappelling under the waterfall besides the Kondana caves that are organized by various trekking groups a quick Google search will come up with some results

Apart from the lush green that the monsoon provides, you can spend your time getting a cold fresh water massage as you sit under the cascading waterfall. If you plan on doing this trek during another season it is advisable to carry enough drinking water as you wont find any around the place

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