A cold winter breeze under the stars, the thrill of the night away from the city, in the presence of nature and it's purity, quiet strolls with dear ones in the moon light. That is what night trails are about! Neomads takes you through an amazing experience. We take you to Sudhagad! And with neomads, you'll never be short of dear ones. :P


So get your trekking gears ready, photographers get your cameras ready, astrophotographers get your tripods and big lenses ready, we have the best night trek planned for you!


The itinerary for the Trek is as given below:

Meeting point at Karjat railway station (Platform Number 1 Ticket counter) at 03:45 pm

Will leave at 4:15 pm from Karjat

Reach pali at 06:45 pm

Will leave from Pali and reach Thakurwadi at 07:00 pm

Start climbing at 07:15 pm

Will reach Top at 09:30 pm and then have dinner.

Will sleep in the temple and get up at 6:30 am. Will see the Sunrise and then explore the fort.

At 11:30 am will start descending to catch 01:30 pm ST from Thakurwadi to Pali.

Will reach pali at 02:10 pm

From Pali we will move to Khopoli at 02:20 pm

Will reach Khopoli at 04:00 pm and from Khopoli we will catch CST fast local at 04:23


Things to explore:

Wada of the Pant Sachiv

Bhoraidevi Temple


Takmak Tok


Trek fee Rs.500 which includes:

Travelling expenses from Karjat to Thakurvadi (base village) and Thakurvadi to Khapoli.

Dinner for Saturday

Breakfast for monday

Evening refreshment

Expertise charges


Things to carry:

Lunch for Sunday


Water bottle

Sleeping Bag / Blanket

Trekking Shoes (preferred)


Torch / Cells

something to carry garbage back

ID card



Saurabh Kalkar: 9833690164

Vivek Mahadik: 9892143260

Sanjay Mayekar: 9833867989

Siddhesh Dhanipkar: 9821244068

Karan Deshmukh: 9930279923


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