NaturalisT organises 'Republic day special Birdwatching and Photography Expedition at Bhandup Pumping Station.

 NaturalisT is a team of nature lovers and nature enthusiastic people who actively studies about the nature and spreads the information. NaturalisT aims at creating 'Green Citizens' which means people who helps the nature to grow, by taking them into the nature and showing them the importance of it. . NatualisT is contributing in this work since last 2 years and has vision to take this task at a higher level. In our events, we always focus to make the people enjoy in the nature feeling the thrill and at the same time pursuing information about various species of flora, fauna, etc.

Winter is considered to be birding season and you can easily spot many wildlifers with Binocular and Cameras in Salt pans observing and clicking the our flying friends...

Date - 26th January, 2017.

Reporting venue - Bhandup Pumping station Bus stop

Reporting time - 7:00 AM

 Price - 149\-



7:00 AM - Reach Bhandup Pumping Station Bus stop

7:30 AM - Introduction and breakfast

8:00 AM - Start trail

11:00 AM - Reach the end point and a NT talk.

11:30 AM - Head back for Bhandup Station

12:30 PM - Reach Bhandup Station.



Onkar Vengurlekar is a skilled nature photographer, avid birder and nature interpreter. He has a very good knowledge about on-field photography and bird behavior. He has carried various excursions to various national parks and sanctuaries to study bird behavior and practice on-field photography.

For payment options , queries and registration,  please contact

Pravin Sahu - 8286220933

Sachin Rane - 8898114024



Ground rules:

1. Wear proper footwear.

 2. Carrying Binocular and Camera is optional

3. Wear suitable clothes & camouflaging clothes.

4. Do not touch any creature or plant without permission.

5. Do not venture out in the forest.

6. Strictly, NO smoking, alcohol consumption or intake of unprescribed drug will be tolerated.

7. Water 2-3 liters must


8. Biscuits or any snack containing glucose