Dear Friends we invite you all for Bike Ride to Vaitarna Dam & Pandu Leni Caves on 7th dec 2014.

Vaitarna Dam, also called Modaksagar Dam, is a gravity dam on Vaitarna river which supplies water to Mumbai, But located in Nashik district in the state of Maharashtra in India. It was opened in 1954. Middle Vaitarna Dam will be the second tallest dam in Maharashtra. The dam will stand at a height of 102 metres when completed and will hold up 455 million litres of water vital for Mumbai's growing water demand.The city receives only 3400 million litres per day (Mld) compared to the 4000 Mld of demand. The water is expected to be transported to Bhandup treatment plant with a 40 km pipeline and delivered to the city. The third tallest dam in the state stands at 84 m height on Pravara river in Ghatgar near Nashik. This is the biggest project undertaken by the Government of Maharashtra.

vaitarnna vaitarna vaitarna-dam-1

Pandu Leni (also known as Trirashmi Caves and other variations) (Leni is Marathi word for caves), are a group of 24 caves carved between the 3rd century BC and the 2nd century AD, representing the Hinayana Buddhist caves and has nothing to do with the characters of Mahabharata (the Pandavas). Most of the caves are Viharas except for the 18th cave which is a Chaitya. The location of the caves is a holy Buddhist site and is located about 8 km south of Nashik, Maharashtra, India. Some of the caves are large and contain numerous chambers - these rock-cut caves served as a viharas or monasteries for the disciples to meet and hear sermons. They contain interesting sculptures. One of the vihara caves is older and finer in sculptural detail and is thought to be nearly as old as the Karla Cave near Lonavala. Inscriptions in caves 3, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19 and 20 are legible. Cave 15 - 'Sri Yajna Vihar' inscription mentions Sri Yajna Satkarni, the last Satvahana King who ruled over the western Maharashtra.

pandu-leni-caves Pandavleni_Caves

Information About the ride:
Its a ride
Route Mumbai-Manor-Vaitarna.
Total Distance covered 200 Kms

WARNING: Riders Who Think This Is A Picnic Or A Tea-Snacks Ride Please ditch this ride – you better go for 50-60kms Ride.

Detailed plan is below :

Meeting at Fountain Hotel near Ghodbunder Road sharp at 6.30am.
Introduction round
Ride till vaitarna dam
Breakfast on the way to vaitarna dam
Fun time near upper and lower vaitarna.
Lunch near dam
Proceed to pandu leni caves
start return journey around 4.00
Reach mumbai around 6.30 evening.

Other details will be shared at meeting point.

Mumbai Rangers Bike ride is on Actual basis Which means we will pay for the expenses and the same will be divided among the member later by the end of the ride.

Expertise charges will INR 200 for the Ride. Expected expenses INR 600 for the event per person. This includes expertise charges.

Petrol and Maintainence cost is settled by the bike owner and the person accompanying him/her. In case, of a single rider, the petrol and maintenance charges has to be paid by rider alone. (Mumbai Rangers will provide info about a willing participant who can accompany you, and share the petrol expenses, this depends on availability of such willing participants.)

For Registrations call Mumbai Rangers:

Amit Bhadouria: 9819299164
Registration accepted only through phone call.

Important things to be carried :
Identity proof.
Legal papers of bike.
some ready to eat food
Medicines, Camera (optional).

Important Points to keep in mind
1 The leader's decision will be final and binding on all members. No Arguments will be entertained.
2 Participants or Members are responsible for his/her own safety and baggage.
3 Please do not wear any jewellry.
4 Please do not litter, we believe in the saying, Wherever you go, leave only your footprints and take back only memories.

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