Vasai Fort, also called Bassein Fort, lies about 48 kms north of Mumbai just across the Ulhas River.  The fort in the old city was the headquarter of the Portuguese in the north, next in importance to Goa.  The coastal land-fort of Vasai was surrounded by sea on three sides and to the landside it had a moat which was filled by sea-water.  Its 4.5kms long strong stone wall had 11 bastions.  The fort had two gates – the westward land-gate.  There was also a small citadel in the fort.  Well – equipped with water-tanks, store-houses, armoury, etc., the fort also had fields for growing grains and vegetables.  All the old structures inside the wall are now in ruins.



Vasai came into prominence when the ancient harbour of Sopara (now Nalsopara village, 10kms north of Vasai) became unfit for use.  However, Vasai continued to be a trading centre.  A small fort-like structure was erected here in 1533 AD by Malik Tughan, the commander of Bahadur Shah, Sultan of Gujarat.  In 1534 AD, the Portuguese forced Bahadur Shah to cede Vasai in perpetuity.  Here, first they constructed the citadel (Balekilla), and then in 1590AD, the present fort with its ramparts and other structures came into being.  For the next about 150 years Vasai enjoyed opulence and prosperity.  The Portuguese built here magnificent houses, convents, churches and an orphanage.  Only the Hidalgos (Portuguese nobles) were allowed to reside within the fort walls.  


Vasai was the main naval base and sort of ship-building centre of the Portuguese.  The end came in 1739AD, when Chimaji Appa, Peshwa Bajirav’s brother, stormed the fort and captured it with great loss of life.  It was here in 1802 AD, the Peshwa Bajirav II signed the infamous “Treaty of Bassein” which virtually dissolved the Maratha Confederacy.  Finally, the fort and the city of Vasai was ceded to the British in 1817 AD.

This photo walk is for whom?


- Nature Lovers 

- Shutter Bugs (Photographers)

- Children / School Children's

- Families / Friends 

- In short Everyone !!!


Photo Walk Schedule:


- Gather at Vasai Railway Station west exit @ 7:30 am 

- Breakfast @ nearby restaurant @ 7:45 am 

- Head towards Vasai Fort by local transportation @ 8:15 am 

- Reach the Fort & start the Photo Walk after introduction round @ 8:45 am

- Explore the Fort

- Start return journey towards Vasai Railway Station @ 12:00 pm

Things to Carry:

- 1-2 Ltrs Water

- Camera (Optional)

- Cap

- Windcheater


All expenses will be done as per they arise, by individual members, This event is for Photography and fun.


Confirm your participation on: 9820432576



- All our Photo-walk's are Eco-friendly, kindly take care of nature around us. 

- Smoking and Drinking alcohol during, Photo-walk is strictly prohibited if anyone found doing that will be expelled from Photo-walk without refund.

- Respect the Heritage and culture. Do Not Litter, Participants are requested to carry the waste back to the city and dispose it off in dustbins.

- Leader’s decision will be final and binding on all members. No Arguments will be entertained.

- Moments Shoot is not liable in any way whatsoever for any injury or loss (including any indirect or consequential loss) of any kind to person or property suffered by any participant whether by reason of any act or omission, deliberate or negligent. 

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