Mapping Mangalore with SurfBoards! - 25th-27th March 2016.


Our farmhouse in Manglore is a Tarzan's land and if you are a climber, nothing like it. Beginners do not have to be disheartened, as one can still get to the tree top using the 'junglewood' staircase.

This March, be the jungle man, do AaaaAaaaaa for as long as you wish, as loud as you wish, and fill your belly with the best of fruits and vegetables directly served from the tree, sometimes on the tree :). 

This March, take yourself far away from the city streets, corner ration shops and then experience those childhood days of losing your way back home and finding a new route each time. A torch, few friends shall save your life.

 For you, March this time is jumping in the green natural pools and surfing in the blue sea water. Our bets on it that one time won't suffice, one wave won't do but that one surf ride would be remembered for the rest of your life.

Cost: 11, 500/- per person.
Booking Amount : 5000
Early bird discounted price: Rs. 10,000/- per person (Booking before 10th March)

Dates: 25th-27th March

The Plan:
24th March: 
Depart from Mumbai by an evening bus to the coastal town of Mangalore.

25th March: 
Reach Mangalore and breathe in fresh air mixed with the aroma of spicy seafood -- city’s claim to fame. Hit the highway for another 20-25 kms and then the curvy roads on the outskirts to arrive at the Varanashi Farms, a farmhouse that gives a lasting impression of Dakshin Kannada with its natural pools amid the forest cover and agri-fields to keep you well connected with the mother earth. And that’s not it. The directly-plucked and immediately-cooked items will provide answers to the hunger pangs, post which, jump on your beds and feel like home.


Dedicate your evening either exploring the forests or surprise yourselves with the pools of clean green water you stumble upon every now and then at the farm house. Do save your breath. Don’t miss the sunset after a small hike.

26th March: Start your day with a light breakfast, as you don’t want to blame your belly for the imbalance on the surf board. This time when you hit the beach, the beach is going to hit you back. Surfing is challenging and is meant for the brave. Be brave and board onto the waves. Remember to cut through them when they turn over to get the best surfing shots up on your travelogue. Also know that there’s no time to breathe when the largest of waves is right behind you – surf or sink.   


After those thousand gulps of salt water, return to the farm house to give a good balance to the level of water and air inside your body. Reward yourself with delicious food for you did a good job today. Take a power nap before the explorer inside you wakes up again, gets you on feet to jump on more trees and sail a few kayaks that leave you drenched enough for a camp fire and some music.

27th March: 
Grab that plate full of fresh papayas before the trip ends and leaves no choice but vada pavs. And once you are done nourishing your body, step out to see how your breakfast reached you from the field. Deep dive into the life of a modern farmer through a visit to the organic fields at Varanashi Farms. And this time, we guarantee you would know more about your lunch than ever.

Bid goodbye to the host, to a family away from your hometown.

28th March: 
Reach Mumbai.


Cost: 11, 500/- per person.
Booking Amount : 5000
Early bird discounted price: Rs. 10,000/- per person (Booking before 10th March)


1 session of Surfing

Dormitory accommodation at the farmhouse for 2 nights
All meals made with farm fresh vegetables at the farmhouse
Activities- Slack line, Zipline, Flying fox, Kayaking, Geo Caching, Campfire, Trek.

A Mapping Journeys' trained vagabond

Transport till Mangalore and back
Meals during travel
Personal expenses
Insurance of any kind
Medical, hospital, evacuation and related expenses
Any item not covered under "inclusions"



Payment options:
Bank Name: ICICI 
Bank Name: Ankita Phalle 
Account No. 107401505442 
IFSC Code: ICIC0001074 
Branch: Thakur Complex Branch

For credit/debit/net banking and other payment options, queries and registration, please contact:
+91 9867697306
+91 9867693107

Booking Amount : Rs 5000/-

Cancellation Policy:
For Cancellation, If you inform us, 

30 days from the start of the trek - 100% refund

30 to 20 days prior to the trek - 70% refund.  

10- 20 days before start of the trek - 50% refund.

Less than 10 days - NO refund.


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