Dear Friends we invite you all for Bike Ride to Lohagad Fort and Lohagad Boat Club on 19 oct 2014

Lohagad fort is a formidable fort near Pune.  Lohagad makes an ideal trekking destination for trekkers from Pune and Mumbai because of its  accessibility, ease of the trek and lush green surroundings. Lohagad at 3400 ft is a wide spread fort. There are 4 doors to Lohagad from the nearby village Lohagadwadi. Lohagad divides the basins of the Indrayani and Pavna.  The view is stunning with a signature ‘vinchu Kata’ (Scorpio Tail) shaped fort

Lohagad has a long & stirring history. It was ruled by many dynasties right from Satavahans, Chalukyas, Nizamshahi, Mughals to the Great Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Shivaji Maharaj captured the fort in 1648 right after conquering Torna. Netaji Palkar was given the responsibility of looking after the fort. Lakshmi Kothi was used to store the treasure raided from Surat.  In the treaty of Purandar 1665, Lohagad was lost to Aurangzeb, under Mirzaraje Jaysingh.  Shivaji Maharaj Recaptured this fort in 1670. Aurangzeb recaptured it after Shivaji Maharaj’s death in 1700 and after the Peshwas it finally went in hands of Colonel power.


Information About the ride:
Its a ride and a small trek.
Route Mumbai-Panvel-Lonavla.
Distance Total 280 Kms

Detailed plan is below :

Meeting at kalamboli Mc Donald Sharp at 6.00 am
Introduction round
Ride till Lonavla
Breakfast on the way
Reach base village Lohagad small trek to Lohagad
visit Lohagad Boat Club ( check the link).
Lunch in Lohagad Boat Club Resort
Exploration of surrounding place .
Ride back to Mumbai NH4 Lonavla-Panvel-Mumbai
One day Ride
Other details will be shared at meeting point.

Mumbai Rangers Bike ride is on Actual basis Which means we will pay for the expenses and the same will be divided among the member later by the end of the ride.

Expertise charges will INR 200 for the Ride.

Expected expenses INR 800 for the event per person.( excluding petrol, maintenance, boating, rappelling and other water sports charges). Petrol and Maintenance cost is settled by the bike owner and the person accompanying him/her. In case, of a single rider, the petrol and maintenance charges has to be paid by rider alone. (Mumbai Rangers will provide info about a willing participant who can accompany you, and share the expenses. this depends on availability of such willing participants.)
Important things to be carried :
Identity proof.
Legal papers of bike.
Medicines, Camera (optional).

For Registrations call Mumbai Rangers:
Amit Bhadouria: 9819299164
Registration accepted only through phone call..

At the top, there is vast expanse of land that is mostly flat and some of it high ground. The key highlights out there are Shivaji / Shivji and Hanuman Mandir, Shatkoni Talav (Trimbak Talav), 16 koni Talav (hatti talav), Dargah, a domed structure which is the first thing that is seen as the fort is reached.  The top of the fort is quite expansive and offers uninterrupted views in all directions.  The highlight of Lohagad is its Vinchukata fortification (resembling a scorpion’s tail). Another highlight is the reverse waterfall phenomenon. There is a waterfall somewhere down the hill which is not visible, but due to very strong winds, the water changes the direction from below to upwards side and you feel like its raining. This point is behind the dargah on left side en route to Vinchu Kata.