We have arranged a  Kokan tour, on 31st October to 2nd November 2014.
. Enjoy the freshness of Kokan with Vibes Outdoors,
Great opportunity for photographers, Sea lovers and adventure lovers !!
After the rain ends, all of kokan looks like newly born, child of mother earth, sea is full of clean waters, plenty of sunlight, mouthwatering sea food,!!
We will explore the beautiful Malvan Area, during our two days visit !!
We will be covering, most beautiful part of konkan beaches, and some water activities with Scuba Diving !!!

Some pics from our last visit
Beautiful view of a calm Sea beach

Malvan : Malvan  is a  town in Sindhudurg District, the southernmost district of Maharashtra. This culturally and historically important town is a Taluka place in Sindhudurg District. Malvan taluka consists of villages Aangnechi wadi, Achra, Khalchi Devli, Jamdul, Juva, Pankhol and Sarjekot. Malvan is wellknown for its historical monument, the Sindhudurg fort, which is beautiful and vast in area. Malwani Folk are very hardworking and helpful. The main occupation here is fishing. The staple diet of Malvani people is fish and rice.It is also known for its variety of mangos (Malvani Hapus - Alphonso). Sweets such as Malvani Khaja (Made from Gram - besan flour and coated jaggery) and Malvani Ladoos are famous across the state.A very important part of Malavni culture is a Malvani Dashavtar, a drama-play based on mythological stories. There are many interesting  places  to visit  in Malvan and this can be noticed with the recent increase in forieng visitors to this region.

 Kunkeshwar Temple, an ancient Shiva Temple is located in Kunkeshwar village, 14 Kms from Devgad town. A pristine beach with a very long stretch of seashore and white sand adds to the beauty of temple surroundings.

Rameshwar : Some destinations own such historical peculiarities which sets them apart from other ones. Place named Achara is one of them. It’s a small village in Malvan Taluka. We are all aware that in historical times people were gifted with “Inams, Jagirs or Watan(land)” by kings or emperors for their achievements. Achara too is Inam or Jagir, but it’s owner or Inamdar (landowner) is not a layman. Chhatrapati Shambhu Raje of Kolhapur gave this Inam to Shri Dev Rameshwar ( i.e. Lord Shiva). Achara boasts the historical temple of Lord Shiva, popularly known as ‘inamdar Shri Dev Rameshwar’ Architecture of the temple is grand and spectacular.

Parshuram  Temple : In this village(Achara) there is a well known temple of Bhagwan Parshuram because of it this village got this name. Tourists who want to enjoy natural beauty of this area should reserve some time during the trip.
People here used to know time from the sound from cannon. This temple is an excellent example of ancient sculpture. The atmosphere of this temple fascinates everyone. Calm and beautiful nature and idol of Parshuram made up of black stone and other idols charming appearance take us in different world. The building of this temple is also an excellent example of architecture.

Vijaydurg Fort: The oldest fort on Sindhudurg coast constructed in the regime of Raja Bhoj of shilahar dynasty in 1205 (construction period 1193-1205). The fort was earlier known as "Gheria" as it is situated in the village "Girye. The earlier fort encompassed area of 5 acres and was surrounded by sea on all the 4 sides. Over the years the eastern trench was reclaimed and the road was constructed theron. Presently the area of fort is about 17 acres and is surrounded by Arabian sea on its three sides. (1 acre= 4840 sq yards).
The Architectural marvel:
1) The 200m long, undersea/underland tunnel from the fort to the Dhulap’s palatial house in the village is man-made. The roof of the tunnel has been pinched to protect it from land-slides and it is also well ventilated.  Now the tunnel is partially blocked. Using latest technology if this tunnel is cleared it will be a major tourist attraction and will be of great help for architectural students/history lovers.

2) The fencing compound wall constructed at 8-10 m depth undersea, 300ft from the fort is another architectural wonder. The wall constructed with laterite stones is 122 mtr long, 3 mtr high & 7 mtr in breadth. Majority of  attacking  ships met their watery grave after colliding on this wall as this wall is not visible above the sea level.

Detailed Schedule
Meeting point:
on Thursday, 30th October 2014
23:00 Hrs at Dadar(Near Pritam Hotel)
23:15 Hrs: Departure
Day 1:  Friday 31st October 2014
08:00 Hrs: Breakfast en-route.
12:30 Hrs: Check in @ Malvan
13:00 Hrs: Home cooked food, (Veg Thali / Chicken Thali / Fish Thali - Prawns Curry.)
14:00 Hrs: Scuba Diving ( Surface Supply - 20-30 mins each )
17:00 hrs: Tarkarli Beach(sunset )
19:00 Hrs: Snacks & Tea
19:30 Hrs: Free time for Malvan Market / Beach / etc. (Optional)
21:00 Hrs: Dinner (Veg Thali / Chicken Thali / Fish Thali - Paplet / Surmai Fish as available)
22:00 Hrs: Camp fire and fun at beach
Stay at Malvan.
Day 2: Saturday, 1st November 2014
06:30 Hrs: Beach trail, Birds sighting, time spent with nature at private beach.
07:30 Hrs: Breakfast - Tea Time en route.
08:30 Hrs: Visit to Sindhudurg fort.
11:00 Hrs: Bharadidevi temple, angnevadi Rameshwar Temple, Achara
12:30 Hrs: Lunch  (Veg Thali / Chicken Thali / Fish Thali)
14:00 Hrs: Rameshwar Temple, Achara
15:00 Hrs: Kunkeshwar
19:30 Hrs: Free time, Beach/ Market, Rock Garden in malvan (Optional)
21:30 Hrs: Dinner
22:00 Hrs: Camp fire and fun at beach
Stay at Malvan.
Day 3: Sunday, 2nd November 2013
08:30 Hrs: Breakfast - Tea Time en route.
10:00 Hrs: Vijay-Durg fort.
12:00 Hrs: Ganpatipule (depends on time and traffic)
01:30 Hrs: Lunch & move towards Thane.
06:30 Hrs: Sunset sighting at beach on the way.
21:30 Hrs: @ Thane

The cost for the whole tour will be Indian Rupee  7000/- per head ( For Non Veg meals ) & Indian Rupee  6500/- per head ( For All Veg meals )

One needs to deposit Indian Rupee  3000/- (Non-refundable) advance amount for Booking Private Vehicle, Activity Charges, Boats, Food, Accommodation etc. into the following bank account to confirm his/her registration.

 Payment details:

Name of Current Acc Holder        :  VIBES OUTDOORS
Bank name                                     :  ICICI
Bank account number                  :  187905500086
Bank branch name and address :  Kalyan Shivaji Chowk Branch

IFSC code for bank                       :  ICIC0001879

For registration Please contact or SMS:
Contact : 
Tushar 9890672593

Deepak 9422682020  
Ashwin 9867250271 

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This includes

Dadar to Dadar transportation fare for private vehicle (Non-A/c),
Surface Supply Scuba Diving,
Boating charges,
Permissions and entry fees, Guide Charges,
Food ( Veg & Non Veg Thali as mentioned wherever limited and unlimited), Accommodations ( Rooms with 5 ppl sharing basis)

Seats will be first come 1st basis with Advance payment only ...
Special discount will be given on group bookings... !!

Things to be carried:

A Water Bottle (~2-3 Ltrs),
Torch With Extra Battery (Must)
Camera, Cell Phone, Cap
Please avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments
Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits etc.
Medicine those if you require usually (Optional)
Extra Pair of clothes,
Good trekking shoes, carry extra pair of shoes or floaters if possible

A haversack to put all these things

Terms And Conditions

■ It is up to the individual to arrange their own holiday / accident insurance & each adult would be asked to sign a liability waiver.
■ Vibes Outdoors hold the right to change the venue, or date, of the event,
■ Event may be cancelled or postponed due to natural calamity, any system error,
■ In case event place or venue is changed, Vibes Outdoors will notify same to participants by phone, web and Face book, no change in costing will be charged.
■ In case of cancellation of event, money will be returned to those who have enrolled, without any cutting.
■ In case of cancellation of event, from participant's side, money will be returned to those who have enrolled, with  1. In case cancellation done before, September 30, Rs. 50/- will be deducted.
        2. In case cancellation done before, 1st week of October, Rs. 500 will be deducted.
        3. In case cancellation done in the same week as tour is leaving, Rs. 1500 will be deducted.
        4. In case cancellation done on same day as tour is leaving or left, no refund will be given.

All our treks are Eco-friendly treks; kindly take care of nature around us. Smoking and Drinking alcohol during trek is strictly prohibited if anyone found doing that will be expelled from trek without refund.

Team Vibes Outdoors

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