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Overnight Monsoon Trek to Prabalgad & Kalavantin Durg.

Trek date: 09rd July 2016
Type: Hill Fort
District: Thane
Grade: Medium
Height: Prabalgad Fort -2300ft. Kalavantin Durg – 2300ft.

Prabalgad (fort):
This fort was built to keep an eye on the ancient ports of Panvel and Kalyan situated in North Konkan. From the study of the caves in this fort it is estimated that it belongs to the time of Buddha. The Shilahar and Yadav dynasties made it an army camp because of the strong man-made caves engraved in this fort and named it ‘Muranjan’. It was built at the time of the Bahamani Empire. Afterwards it came under the Nizam Shahi dynasty of Ahmednagar. When the Nizam Shahi dynasty was on the verge of collapse, Shahaji Raje came to their support, but the Mughal emperor Shahajehan and Adil Shah of Bijapur both sent their army separately to defeat Shahaji. When Shahaji came to know this, he moved his army to fort Kondhana and fort Murumbdev. He then requested help against the Mughal and Adilshahi forces from Siddhis of Janjira, but was refused. So Shahaji tried to get help from the Portuguese in the city of Chaul, but failed again. Finally Shahaji, with his wife Jijabai and son young Shivaji moved on Muranjan fort along with army. Later in 1636 Shivaji left Muranjan fort. In the same year 1636  the Agreement of Mahuli was made according to which the North Konkan went under the Mughal Empire who granted authority to Adilshaha of Vijapur to rule the area in return for tribute. Shivaji grabbed this opportunity. He defeated More of Javli and captured the Javli area. At the same time a brave Sardar of Shivaji, Abaji Mahadev won the area of Kalyan, Bhiwandi and Rayri. That time fort Muranjan came under swarajya of Shivaji. Shivaji changed the name of this fort from “Muranjan" to "Prabalgad" (Prabal means "strong"). Later on, in 1665, according to Treaty of Purandar, Prabalgad was one of the twenty-three forts which were handed over to the Mughal empire. The Mughal Sardar Jaysingh placed a Rajput named Kesarsingh Hada in charge of the fort Prabalgad. In 1658, the Marathas under Shivaji re-took the fort once again. The Mughal Sardar Kesar Singh committed suicide realising that defeat was imminent. The Rajput ladies in the fort commited Jauhar (self-immolation) to escape dishonour. The mother and son of Kesar Singh who had hidden themselves in the fort were granted freedom by the order of Shivaji. In the investigation of the fort great amount of wealth was found.
The flat top area of the fort is covered by dense forest. There is a Ganesh Temple at the top. There are also some scenic ruins of old buildings and a few water tanks. In order to explore them you will need a local guide. The British Government wanted to develop Prabalgad as a hill station like Matheran but were thwarted in this plan on account of the difficulties caused by the lack of water which, though sufficient for the existing residents, would not have met the requirements if more people had come to stay as per their plan. Because of the dense forest it is not always easy to find paths for walking, but if you persevere and reach the   top of the fort you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the of different points of Matheran, the neighbouring hill-station.
Kalavantin Durg (Fort):
This fort is just opposite to Prabalgad. It is also visible from Mumbai-Pune highway. According to stories, the fort was built for a queen named Kalavantin. Steps leading up to the fort have been cut into the rock face of the hill. From the peak of this hill you can see Matheran, Chanderi, Peb, Ershal, and Karnala forts, and also the Mumbai city. The Adivasi People of Machi-Prabal village observe the custom of dancing on every Holi (Shimga) Festival at the top of Kalavantin  fort. These people have a long-standing relationship with this fort and it has become a part of their heritage.

Minimum Participants – 5 
Maximum Participants -25 
Last day of registration 07th July 2016

Starting & Meeting point: 09th July 2016 CST station @ 04:00am, Panvel Station @5:45am

Event Itenary:

DAY 01:

04:15 am: Start the journey from CST towards Panvel.

05:45 am: Reach Panvel Station & walk towards Panvel ST stand.

06:15 am: Catch the bus to Thakurwadi.

07:00 am: Reach Thakurwadi village and freshen up.

07:30 am: Start the ascend to reach Prabal Machi

08:15 am: Reach Prabal Machi & have breakfast.

09:00 am: Start ascend towards Prabalgad Fort.

10:15 am: Reach to the top of the fort, explore & capture beautiful moments for the take away.

01:00 pm: Start descend towards Prabal machi.

02:00 pm: Take Lunch & relax for the day.

04:30 pm: Have tea & snacks, explore the Machi Village & meet some beautiful people.

06:30 pm: Experience Sharing & Fun Games.

08:30 pm: Dinner

09:30 pm: Good Night & Sweet Dreams.


DAY 02:

 07:00 am: Wake Up call

08:00 am: Breakfast & Morning Tea

08:30 am: Start ascend towards Kalavantin Durg.

09:30 am: Reach the top, and enjoy the beautiful breathtaking view from the top, capture some moments to take away.

10:30 am: Start the descend towards prabal machi.

11:30 am: Reach Prabal machi

12:00 pm: Lunch

01:00 pm: Start the return journey from prabalmachi

06:00 pm: Reach Mumbai and conclude the journey with beautiful memories.

Must things to carry:-
* One photo ID proof
* Minimum 2 liters water
* Dry snacks (cake, biscuits etc).
* Personal medicine if any
* Good comfortable sport shoes
* A good backpack to accommodate the above.
* Rain protective gear

* Towel / Napkin (must)

* Extra pair of clothes

* Caps / Hats / Sunglasses (optional)

*Avoid wearing half sleeve/ sleeveless t shirts & short pants.

* Odomos  / mosquito repellents

* Sleeping bags, mats, bedsheets (optional).


Cost: - Rs: 1100/- per head

Advance: Rs. 700/- for confirmation

Balance: Rs 400/- at meeting point

50% of advance amount will be refunded on cancellation done on or before 07th July 2016. No refund will be entertained after that.

Bank Name: ICICI Bank
Bank Branch: Nariman Point
Account No: 000401725936
Account Type: Savings Bank Account
Account Name: Vaibhav Gurav
IFSC Code: ICIC0000004

Once the payment is done please send us the transaction reference number, participant name, contact number to

Things included:
* Transportation from CST to CST by public transport
* 2 Breakfast, 2 Veg. Lunch, 1 Evening Tea & Snacks & 1 Dinner.

* Tent Accommodation.
* Hidden Trekkers Charges.

For confirmation, registration & enquiries
Please contact: 
9870204950, 8828079732, 9870796493

Things we don’t tolerate:
* Consumption of Alcohol & drugs.
* Misbehavior with opposite gender.

We don’t take ownership of your personal belongings & valuable items.

Advisory Note:
*It’s not a PICNIC or LEISURE TOUR. We all are going for an adventurous and interesting trekking exploration. Do not destroy or dirty the archaeological, historical monuments.

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