Trek No.1 -Trek to Harihar
The fort of Harihar lies in the Trimbakeshwar range. It was of substantial importance in earlier days to keep watch on the route crossing the range connecting Maharashtra to Gujarat.Trimbakeshwar range spreads from north of Igatpuri to west of Nasik. It is divided in two parts, with forts of Basgad, Utvad, hill of Fani, Harihar and Trimbakgad on one part and those of Anjaneri and Hargad on the other.
Contact Sagar Dinde- 9423173445

Trek No.2 - Trek to Basgad/Bhaskargad
History of Bhaskargad is not available. However, the rock cut steps along the mountain face and the stone cut covered cisterns are characteristics of forts built during the rule Satvaahan dynasty and indicate that the... fort is ancient.

During 1271 to 1308 this fort was under the control of Yadavas of Devgiri. When Devgiri was taken over by Bahamanis, this fort went under their control. When Shahaji Maharaj revolted against Nizamshahi in 1629, the fort went under his control. In 1633, the Moghuls gained control over Bhaskargad. In 1670, Moropant Pingle won this fort for Shivaji Maharaj and the Moghuls regained it in 1688. In 1730, the fishermen rebelled with Mughals and captured the fort. Later it was with Peshwas till the British captured it in 1818.
Contact Ashwin Patil-9823111427

Trek No.3 Trek to Utwad
A triangular shaped mountain sharing a common col with Basgad. History of utwad is not available though it is perfect monsoon trek passes through densed forest and can test your endurance while climbing to the top.
Contact - Akshay Chaudhari - 9960803452
Trek Fees - Any trek -260/- Rs.(Nashik to Nashik)

So what are you waiting for???? just pick your favourite trek destination from above and contact concerned trek leaders to confirm your participation before 17th July,2015.

Trek schedule
Nasik Region (Harihar/Utwad/Basgad)
We will meet sharp 6:00 Am at Mela stand, Nasik.

Things to carry......
1) snacks / lunch
2) water bottle 2 ltr.
3) rain coat/ wind cheater
5)shoes (compulsory)
6) personal medicine (if any)
7) good sack to carry all the stuffs.

Things not to carry...
1) paper plates
2) use & throw glass
Happy Trekking!

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