Dear Friends We Invite You all For Chikoo Festival Tour With MumbaiRangers on 7 Feb 2016 Batch 2



Festivals are Times to Celebrate And The Chikoo Festival Will Show Us How Dahanu Celebrates Life.


The Chikoo Festival Definitely  attracts a lot of Tourists in And Aroud Mumbai And Gujrat. Lets Come share the Dreams of many farmers who have

dared to venture into Agro Tourism and get a taste of a New Experience


This beachside town bordering Gujarat is famous for its vast chikoo farms largely owned by the Parsi community. Its tribal community is a treasure trove 

of Warli art and craft.Events range from a small fun-fair with stalls to showcase tribal art and craft, agricultural products, fresh fruits and their 

byproducts, a photo exhibition on the region as well as outdoor attractions like the Chikoo Safari, Warli dance, not to forget Parsi and Irani cuisine. 

Tourists can visit the weekly bazaar, join a sand castle competition, make and fly kites or enjoy a bonfire to the accompaniment of local cuisine at the 

beach. With over 50% land under fruit orchards, forests and mangroves, this region has a lot to offer through agro tourism. We want tourists to get a 

flavour of the indigenous culture of Dahanu and the Chikoo Festival is a good means to do so."


Beyond the fruit, the Chikoo Festival will showcase how Local People are well equipped with hotels, resorts, organic farms, sightseeing, hands-on village 

experiences, games and nature trails.

The Festival features Chikoo safari as well as an exhibition of the products made from the fruit along with dance performances by tribals.

Orchard owners, shops and establishments as well as the local tribal population, the Warlis, who constitute 66% of the total population of the area.




Activities at the Festival... 

Visitors can enjoy the various folk dances that potray the essence of the Dahanu taluka and also participate in various team activities.

Shop around from more than 100 stalls - purchase Chikoo products, rural artifacts, farm fresh Chikoos and vegetables, and much more.

Satisfy your appetite with the delicious choices of local cuisine to choose from.




At Chikoo Festival We can :


- Enjoy the delicious and nutritious taste of CHIKOOS.


- Enjoy the RURAL hospitality along with the LOCAL CUISINE




- Participate in the CHIKOO SAFARI along with the farmers


- Take a stroll in the CHIKOO ORCHARDS and visit a WARLI VILLAGE to

  Learn about Rural ART & CULTURE


- Shop around from more than 100 stalls, Purchase Chikoo Products, Rural Art Souvenirs, Farm Fresh Chikoos & Vegetables, and much more.


- A short film on Warli life by INTACH


- Get enthralled in the tribal folk dances, traditional dances, etc.


- Spend leisure time on the beach. Enjoy Kite show, beach games and activities.


- Enjoy dinner on a farm with a local touch.


- Chikoo Run 


Pune Participants can come via Passenger Express to dadar, borivli or vasai and from there can get local trains 

Check Local Train Timings or call for assistance


Travel by Local 

Train Timing Given Below For Convinence


Catch Churchgate to Dahanu fast Local From Your Respective sation


Churchgate – 05.24am

mumbaicentral – 05.34am

Dadar - 05.41am

Bandra - 05.46am

Andheri - 05.55am

borivli - 06.09am

Bhayander - 06.23am

vasai rd - 06.34am

Virar - 06.46am

Dahanu - 08.20am


(If you miss the train you miss the Tour Because theres a train after 5 hours so make sure you are on time to catch the train.)


People may board the same train from the station of their convenience and meet us in the train directly.


Itenery :


Sunday, February 7th, 2016


Meeting Point Dahanu Railway Station 08.20am morning 

08.30am Breakfast Tea

09.00am Leave By Tumtum 

10:00am Onwards Chikoo Festival begins (Chikoo Run)

10:00am -04:00pm Participate in Chikoo Safari & Tribal Village Tour

12:00pm-02:00pm Satiate your appetite with local cuisine at the event venue

03:00pm Onwards Kite Show / Kite Making Workshop

04:00pm-06:00pm Treasure Hunt

06:00pm- Fill your tummy with lip-smacking, tantalizing local cuisine



Tour Cost : Rs 1150/- per person 


Last Date For Registration 4 Feb 2016


One Has To deposit full Amount In Advance for Booking Seat. Account Details Will be Given on Request




1- Travelling cost from Dahanu to Dahanu

2- Morning Breakfast Tea 

3- Chikoo safari charges 

4- Warli Tibal village visit charges

5- Any other Fees if Required

6- MumbaiRangers Expertise Charges


For Registration call us:

Amit Bhadouria: 9819299164

Nishant Sheth : 8879418581

Registration accepted only through phone call..


Things to carry: –

Identity Proof (Mandatory)

A Water Bottle (Mandatory)

Camera, Cell Phone (Optional)

Medicine those if you require usually (Optional)

A backpack to put all these things


Please avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments.


Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, Narcotics and any kind of intoxication, firearms and gambling strictly prohibited. Please do not litter, we believe in the saying,

“When you go to the mountain leave only your footprints and bring back only memories” The leader’s decision will be final and binding on all members.

No Arguments will be entertained. Hiking / Trekking / Rock climbing is an adventurous activity and accidents can happen in spite of taking utmost caution

and care. The club will not be responsible for injury / accident / death to the participant while on trek.


Medical Disclaimer: Its Important to be fit before going for Treks. It is Important to have a medical fitness check up done.

If suffering from any allergy or ailment, please bring prescribed medicines to prevent serious health problem including heatstroke,

sever headache, cough, dehydration and hypothermia. Participants suffering from chronic conditions like asthma bronchitis, blood pressure,

migraine, diabetes etc should Take permission from their physicians before Cycling.

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