The summers are upon us and what better way to chill out other than at a beach? Beach volleyball, lounging by the surf, exploring a submerged fort, bird watching, gorging on sea food and a lot more only when we head to the lesser explored Palghar this Saturday

Palghar, a small town of the Thane district is a little known place. Synomymous for its chikoo plants, it is also a nature lover's delight. Surrounded by farms and fishing villages, the simple roads give way to Shirgaon Fort and beach. 

The fort is overrun by bushes, making the climb slightly precarious. Erected during the 18th century, the fort is a maze of underground tunnels and cavernous hideouts. From the terrace of the tower you can view the village of Shirgaon on one side and the sea on the other. Located close to the Shirgaon Beach, it was used by the Marathas to keep a watch on the enemy. 

The green palm farms within the fort are a popular feature of the fort. Two towers located at the entrance of the fort offer a panoramic view of the place. The fort is small; it has a few rooms in it but they have not been well-maintained. There are many hidden caves in the walls of the fort. One cave leads to another.

Further down is the Kelwe Beach which houses the mysterious Kelva fort, surrounded on all sides by water. The fort is inaccessible during the high tide. But local boats generally ply to the fort from the coast. Built by the Portuguese and later conquered by the mighty Marathas, this fort offers a supreme view of the exotic surroundings. The ebb and the flow of the tide add to its beauty. 

The Plan! 

1. Meet up at Virar Station at 7 a.m. 
2. Quick breakfast at Virar. Kindly be punctual, as the shuttle to Palghar leaves at 7:40.
3. Shuttle to Palghar at 7:40. It takes about an hour to reach Palghar.
4. Tum-tum to Shirgaon Fort. Start climb by around 9. Spend a couple of hours investigating the mysteries of the fort.
5. Descend towards the beach by 11. A good walk along the coast line, with palm trees and a line of Suru trees, will get us to the busy scenic beach of Kelwa by 1.
6. Lunch at Kelwa beach. A great place to try out the local food stalls and food.
7. Mid-afternoon journey to Kelwa fort. There is an option of boating for the water lovers.
8. Depending on tidal conditions and personal choice - Sunset from the beach or the fort itself.
9. Tum-tums back to Palghar Railway station. Return shuttle to Virar at 7:32 PM/8:24 PM.
10. Virar Station.

Cost: All costs including travel and food will be shared equally amongst the group. Further, this would be a Gift-Economy trip so you can pay us whatever you like or nothing at all. As you please :) 


1. Kindly purchase return tickets to Palghar, wherever you are traveling from.
2. The walks are quiet a long haul, but simple. So be prepared to spend a fair bit of energy.
3. Carry decent amount of water in your backpack. (Around 2 litres) Dry snacks, Glucose, biscuits could be carried too.
4. Breakfree recommends comfortable footwear
5. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, and narcotic substances will lead to expulsion from the group.
6. Kindly carry spare clothes if you plan to enter the sea.

To confirm your participation or simply suggest a few ways to make the experience better, call us upon 9820023362!


Photo courtesy: Namrata D'souza

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