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We at Bhramanti365 has arranged an Offbeat Trek to Ghangad – Ghonadand Ghat – Derya Ghat on 29th and 30th July 2017.

Brief Info about the Place :- Ghangad is a small fort located at the base of Ekole village, from where 3 routes routes descend toward Mawal region (Sudhagad) Ghonadand Ghat is one of the routes. Ekole is the base village of Ghangad fort. From here bypass Ghangad and go to backside. Within 1 hour you will reach the adjoining plateau which houses Kevne village. After passing Kevne village take a left trail, walk for another 20 minutes on the plateau and from here Ghonadand Ghat starts. This narrow trail passes through a ridge and descends to Kondjai village (a small Ghangar wadi). From here you can walk to Nagshet village from where you can get transportation to travel to Pali.

घनगडच्या नैऋत्य बाजूने डेऱ्या घाट आणि घोणदांड या पुरातन घाटवाटांवरून, सोनेरी गवताळ माळावरून, जुन्या संस्कृतीच्या पाऊलखुणा शोधत, सुरेख सह्याद्रीदृश्यं अनुभवत, वाटांवरून हरवत, दमूनभागून पूर्ण केलेल्या दमदार चढाई-उतराईच्या ट्रेकचा ‘संक्षिप्त’ फोटो-ब्लॉग/ टिपणे…

घोणदांड घाट: (Info from Google)

घाटमाथ्यावरचे गाव: एकोले, जिल्हा पुणे

जवळचा दुर्ग: घनगड

कोकणातले गाव: खडसांबळे, जिल्हा रायगड

स्थानवैशिष्ट्य: पुरातन बौद्ध खडसांबळे लेण्याच्या लगतचा घाट

ऐतिहासिक संदर्भ/ खुणा: नाहीत

वाटेत पाणी: पावसाळ्यानंतर दोन महिने नैसर्गिक झऱ्यांचे पाणी

निवारा: नाही

चढाई: ५५० मी

वेळ: ३ तास

घाटवाटेतल्या ठळक खुणा: – घोणदांड घाटाची सुरुवात सापडणे अवघड आहे


Schedule for the Event :- Meeting and Gathering at Lonavala on 29th July 2017 at 02:00 PM

Heading towards Ghangad – via Amby Valley  (Travel approx 2.0 hrs)

Introduction Round & Trek to Ghangad – 2 HRs approx and Rest in the village – Dinner (Local cooked food – Veg )

Rest for the Day – Good Night.

30th July 2017 – Wake up call at 05:00 AM

Freshen up and Breakfast Time.

Gear up for Trek to Ghondand Ghat via Kevne Village

Start of the Trek, Photography on the way .

Reach Ghondand Ghat Top in another 3 hrs of trek

Explore the area and Photography time – Lunch Time ( Packed Bhakri and Bhaji from Village)

Leave the Ghat in another 1 hr of time

Heading towards Derya Ghat

Trek to Derya Ghat for around 3.5 hrs ( Endurance)

Reach Nagshet Village and Get into the jeeps towards Pali and then to Khopoli

Drop at Khopoli Railway station or Bus Depot accordingly – Tentative at 07:00 PM



Call – +919987121415 to Register

Registration Link –


Cost for the Event is  2500/ – Per Head 

One has to Transfer 1000/- (Booking Amount ) into the Bank account to confirm his / her Registration. (Non-Refundable) – (Payment via NEFT / RTGS / IMPS only) Cash deposits please add Rs 75.00 towards bank charges.

In the Name of: Mr AMEY ARUN BHAGAT.

Bank: – SBI BANK


Account No : 20134246954

IFS Code: SBIN0011758For confirmation of the seat, full amount needs to be paid via NEFT / IMPS / RTGS prior to the event. Before making any payments please confirm about the seat availability by calling/whats-app on the below given numbers.Once done with the Transaction please msg or send an email on & Fill Up One Time Registration Form. From Link “ ”



Travelling from Lonavala to Lonavala in Jeeps.

1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch and 1 Dinner

Basic First Aid

Guide and Professional Expertise.

Bhramanti365 charges.


Exclusions :

Personal expenses.

Insurance of any kind.

Medical hospitalization, evacuation and related expenses.

Any item not covered under “inclusions.


Call – +919987121415 to Register

Registration Link –


1. Good footwear (Mandatory). Action Trekking shoes and similar (No Kittos allowed trekkers will be sent back on the spot Kindly make a note)

2. Extra pair of Clothes, Towel, napkin. (Wear Full sleeves clothes)

3. Water (2 ltr minimum), Carry Lunch for the Day there is no source for the same.

4. Cap / Gog / Camera (optional but useful).

5. Insect repellent cream/ sun protection cream (Mandatory).

6. Slippers or floaters (just to relax your feet before & after the trek in the bus) (optional)

7. Personal small medical kit. (If u require usually/Optional)

8. Other things as per your choice., No Wearing of Gold and other precious items Lost owns a sole responsibility

9. Haversack to put all these things.


Important Instructions –

1. The Leader’s decision will be final & binding on all members. No Arguments will be entertained.

2. It is important for all participants to stay together in the group, in the event of any deviation by the participant without the consent of the leader, he/she/they will be considered as ‘Independent/s’ & will no longer be considered as a part of the group. No refund of fees will be given in case the person is expelled from trek for above 3 reasons.

{Deviation: E.g.: Participant decides to go sightseeing on his own, decides to stay away from the group, decides to trek on route other than instructed by Leader, etc}

3. In the event of any Mishap, Leaders will not be responsible.

4. Each member will be responsible for his/her own safety & baggage.

5. Avoid wearing Gold or other ornaments.

6. Do not tease, argue, ask stupid questions, play prank on any villager, especially women, at the place of trek. If you do so and get beaten-up by the villagers we will not interfere nor take responsibility for it.

7. It is necessary for all to be together, if anyone deviates and gets lost we will not be responsible. No Harm to Flora and Fauna on the trek, it will be an offence and there shall be fine for the same.

All our explorations are nature-friendly. Smoking and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. If anyone found doing the same, will be debarred without refund from the exploration.

Please remember trekking is not a picnic, it’s an adventure, hence do not take instructions casually, defying them may prove harmful.

Registrations are only through phone calls (Scraps, reply to this thread won’t be considered as confirmation) If call not attended, then please send us a message “Trek Enquiry”. We will call you back once we are free.Please call for more details & booking regarding the event.Amey Bhagat: – +919987121415 / 9029209992

(Do Whatsapp or Msg if calls not answered)Disclaimer: Trekking / Hiking is an adventurous activity and accidents can happen in spite of taking safety , caution and care. The organization will not be responsible for any injury / accident / death to the participant while on trek.Medical Disclaimer: It is Important to be physically fit while on treks. If suffering from any allergy or ailment, please bring prescribed medicines to prevent serious health problem including heatstroke, sever headache, cough, dehydration and hypothermia. Participants suffering from chronic conditions like asthma bronchitis, blood pressure, migraine, diabetes etc should take permission from their physicians before treks.

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