Dear friends,


BAAN Hikers have arranged a 1-day trek to Asherigad on 28th October 2012


History mentions that Bhojraj, a descendant of the Shilahar Dynasty built this fort. Hence it can be assumed that this fort is at least 800 years old. The Portuguese rebuilt this fort after they captured it during their rule. In 1737, Peshwa won this fort during his campaign of the Konkan and in 1818 this fort came under the British rule.


Fascinating Spots:

On the plains and on the right of the path one can see quite many remnants of settlements. One can also see quite many foundations with gutters cut in them. These could be to collect the rainwater during the rainy season or to lead away the overflow. The cave on the top is of medium size and having a large cave opening. But it has been carved into the rocks in such a way that the stray wind or the cold does not enter in. The back portion of the cave is very uneven. However, there are platforms made both outside and inside for the guards to take rest. The two hibiscus bushes outside the cave entrance point to the fact that rituals might have been conducted regularly by the villagers somewhere in the past. On left side of the top portion of the cave, there is a built in square water tank. There is a half buried cannon in this tank. There are two more half completed tanks here. From the top plateau, one can see the fort of Kohoj to the South West. One can also see the natural human form on the fort with the help of binoculars. Going ahead on the path one can see a huge depression the rock face and a bastion.



Details for the trek are as follows:-

Meeting at Dadar (W) Near Kabutarkhana on 5.30 am;

Departure from Dadar at 5.45 am by Private bus;

Meeting at Thane (Teenhath naka) at 6.00 am

Departure from Thane at 6.15 am by Private bus;

Meeting at End of Ghodbandar near fountain hotel at 7.00 am;

Arrival at Khodkona 10.00 am;

Start trek at 10.30 am;

Reach to top at 1.30pm;

Explore fort & Lunch till 2.30pm;

Start getting down at 2.45 pm;

Reach to Khodkona at 5.00 pm;

Then arrival at Thane aprx.8.00 pm;

Then arrival at Dadar aprx. 9.00 pm;









Trek contribution 500/- per head Which Include


Private Bus Transport from Dadar to Dadar


Afternoon Lunch



Imp: - limited seats are available. So please confirm your seats asap.


Rules and Regulations:

Smoking is strictly prohibited During Trek.

The Organizers of the trek behold the complete rights to modify the trek in occurrence of the situation.



For registration kindly transfer Rs 500/- per head in the following A/c

In the Name of: Mr.Divakar Satam.

Bank: Saraswat bank

Branch: Lower Parel

Account No: 331203100001215

IFSC Code: SRCB0000331


Note: Registrations through phone calls only.


After transaction please email us transaction id along with participant’s details (name, email and mobile number) on


For More Details & Registration Contact on These Numbers:-


Divakar Satam : 9821325547 (Mumbai)

Alok Maduskar : 9869046130 (Thane)

Lalit Rane : 9967408351 (Thane)

Swpanali Gupte: 9869930764 (Thane)

Niranjan Rane : 9920467972(Mumbai)