Dear Trekkers ,

We at Bhramanti365 invites you for Night Trek to Peb Fort ( Vikatgad) on 30th april and 01st May 2016

Information about the Fort :- Peb Fort is situated on northeast side of Panvel, on Mumbai-Pune road, at a distance of 3-4 km on west side of Neral. This is the most beautiful one-day trek. But there is a dense forest on the way to the fort Peb. The fort is also named as 'VikatGad'. Historical references clearly indicate that Shivaji Maharaj used the caves on the fort as silos for grain storage.

Height: 2100 ft
Grade: simple
Time: ~ 3-4 hrs from Neral

Schedule for the Trek :- Saturday ie 30th April 2016

Meeting point: Neral Railway Station

Catch Khopoli Fast Local according to the below mentioned timings 

Schedule for the Event: - Board Khopoli Fast Train starting from CST according to the below mentioned timings.

@ 10:04 PM CST
@ 10:18 PM Dadar
@ 10:26 PM Kurla
10:30 PM Ghatkopar
@ 10:38 PM Bhandup
10:46 PM Thane
@ 10:58 PM Dombivali
@ 11:05 PM Kalyan
@ 11:39 PM Neral 

pls do keep 10 minutes buffer time due to recent changes in railway time table ... 

Move towards jumapatti by rickshaw or any available transport
introduction - briefing and trek starts towards Vikatgad (PEB Fort ) - ( Night Trails starts as we reach Jumapatti Station ) 
Atop Peb,Exploration, Enjoy the nature and rest for sometime
Descend from fort towards Neral Station
Reaching at Neral Station by walk
We will be back in Mumbai around 20:00 Hrs (Th-ts subjective) ...

Things To Carry: -

Pls do carry Lunch for the day
A Water Bottle (~3 Ltrs a must), Torch with Extra batteries ( Mandatory) 
Camera, Cell Phone (Optional)
Pls avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments
Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits etc.
Medicine those if u require usually (Optional)
Personal basic medical kit (Containing an antiseptic, few bandages, personal medications if any, Antibiotics for stomach infection)
Carry anykind of Bedding ( sleeping bag, carry mats, plastic sheets, newspaper etc ) 

A haversack to put all these things

Expenses for the Trek is 450/- which is inclusive of Breakfast and Transport ( Kindly carry lunch for the Day )

One has to Transfer (NEFT) 450/- into the Bank account to confirm his / her Registration. (Non-Refundable) – (Payment via NEFT/RTGS only ) 

In the Name of: Mr AMEY ARUN BHAGAT.
Bank :- SBI BANK
Account No : 20134246954
IFS Code: SBIN0011758

Once done with the Transaction please msg or send an email on then Fill Up The One Time Registration Form. From Link " "

Kindly note: -
1) Consuming Alcohol and Smoking is strictly PROHIBITED.
2) Expenses should be managed on your own basis.

For confirmation pls reply here or do contact on
Drop a message or what's app in case your call is not attended ..

Amey Bhagat : 9987121415

Also join us @ Facebook Group:



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