‘Adventure’ is to venture beyond the normally accessible, to find out beyond what is known and to unravel the hidden beauties and secrets remote to a normal person. The serene atmosphere and the scenic beauty outside along with a feeling of ‘pushing ones physical and mental strength to the limits’ from within, gives a feeling of achievement and utmost satisfaction. If a person tastes this once the next ‘adventure’ draws him back again and again.                                                                                                                                           

“Add-venture India” is all about such adventures ….. Meticulously brought under one roof.

In our present urban society, do the two months of school vacation mean just one thing: Eight weeks of unscheduled “free time”?? As an answer to this, summer camps have emerged as a popular way to keep children entertained and busy during the school holidays. As a parent, if you’ve ever been to a camp, you know the benefits! But if you haven't been to one, send your child this year and see the difference!!

At the camp, children:
- Spend their day being physically active. Camp is action!
- Experience success be confident – It teaches kids that they can.
- Gain resiliency –. Camp helps conquer fears.
- Unplug from technology – Camp is real!
- Develop life-long skills – Camp expands every child’s abilities.
- Grow independent – Camp helps kids develop who they are.
- Learn social skills –. Camp builds teamwork.
- Make true friends – camp creates friendships

Add-venture India announces its SUMMER CAMP 2017 at VAITARNA CAMP SITE

During 4th to 7th May 2017

Age group 9 to 15 yrs 

As a parent who leaves no stone unturned for the child’s development, we are sure you will find this camp an attractive proposition. Of course, a question most likely to occur to you will be, why you must choose ADD-VENTURE INDIA’s camp for your kids…… Here’s the answer.

  • Our Instructors have had decades of experience conducting Adventure Activities for children, and have enjoyed an enviable safety record
  • We are an organisation of genuine mountain experts
  • An optimum instructor : trainee ratio of 1 : 5
  • The program is owned, managed and conducted by “true blue” mountaineer

About the Campsite: Consider experiencing the following:

·         I am free from pollution.

·         I am free from noise.

·         I am free from toxins.

·         I am free from Stress.

·         I am free from illnesses.

·         I live long and Strong.

Sounds like a dream? The good news is, this dream destination is for real and will be our campsite!!

The campsite is a 50-acre farm with various agricultural activities such as agro forestry, dairy, agro tourism, wormi culture, traditional farming, fruit orchards. Farm is located at the banks of Upper Vaitarna Lake.

It is a 100% vegetarian and toxin free zone. Most of the ingredients of the menu such as Rice, Jawar, Bajra, Onions, tomatoes, are organically grown within the farm itself. Kids will be given farm fresh Cow Milk and Curd, desi ghee which are  produced at the inhouse dairy

Activities at the Camp Site:

·         Obstacle Course   : Learn to overcome obstacles with confidence. Undertake a challenge course.

·         Flying Fox             : Let the adrenaline rush as you zoom across the scenery attached to a harness!

·         Nature Trail          : Explore the mysteries of Nature in a scenic environment

·         Rafting                  : Make your own raft and drift in the Vaitarna lake

·         Orienteering        : Understand the surroundings with maps and compass.    

·         Treasure hunt      : A group activity where confidence & competence in team members is noticed

·         Camping out        : Camping under in tents and cooking your own food is a thrilling experience

·         Agro tour             :The experience of rural India supported by life style experience with farmers

·         Rifle Shooting      : Learn the Basics of Air Rifle shooting and Challenge James Bond!!

·         Archery                 : Aiming practice the Robin Hood Style.


1.       Corresp. Addres                            Add-venture India

     Shop # 11, Sai Sahara CHS, Sector 21,

     Nerul (E), Navi Mumbai 400706

     Phone : +91-22-2771 8845

2.       Camp Site Address          : Baste Farm, Village Zarwad  Budruk,   Taluka - Trimbak,  Dist - Nashik.

3.       Age Limit                             : 9 to 15 years

4.       Camp Fees                          :  Rs. 7500/- inclusive of Rs. 1000/- as non-refundable Registration Charges..

5.       Camp Duration                  : Thursday 4th May to Sunday 7th May 2017

6.       Accommodation               : In Self-contained Rooms/Dormitory (Separate for Boys & Girls)

7.       Assembly (Dadar)            : On Thursday 4th  May 2017 at 0700 hrs. Opp IES Eng Med   School Near Dadar Rly. Station (Central Railway), Dadar (East)

8.       Assembly (Thane)           : On Thursday 4th  May 2017 at 0800 hrs. Teen Haath Naka (Eternity mall)

9.       Return Pick-up                  : On Sunday  7th May 2017:  Thane 1830 hrs, Dadar 1930 hrs

Camp Kit (Essential):

·      Any Back-pack which can hold the following items.

·      Snugly fitting Canvas Shoes with Rubber soles or similar Sports shoes with Cotton Socks (2 Pairs)

·      Slippers / Chappal (After activity time)

·      Loose Tough light weight trousers (Cotton preferred) or Track pants (2 Nos.)

·      Loose Tough light weight Full-Sleeve Shirts (Cotton preferred) (2 Nos.)

·      Personal Undergarments (2/3 sets minimum); light weight towel (Pancha); Sun Cap

·      Light chadar

·      Light Weight Mug, Plate, Spoon, Bowl, Glass.

·      Simple Plastic Water Bottle of Min. 1 lit capacity with Shoulder Strap

·      Torch with a spare set of batteries.

·      Note Book, Pen, Sewing Kit, Spare laces, Safety pins, Mosquito repellent cream, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Soap, small quantity talcum powder, 4 ‘Band-Aid’ Strips, 2-3 Plastic bags (Assorted sizes).

·         Please Do Not Give cash, gold or other valuable ornaments, mobile phones, Tab, wrist watch, any food items, comics or any other books, or anything other than the item specified in the ‘Camp-Kit’ list.

Additional Information:

·         Since the Camp venue is more than 150 kms. away from Mumbai, while returning it is  difficult to keep to the scheduled timings. Parents are requested not to panic and wait for at least one hour after the schedule timing. In such case please contact to Mrs. Revati Joshi – 98192 07743

·         Ensure your child’s Camp kit is complete

·         Last Date for submitting entry form: 20th April 2017. ( Entry by 1st come 1st serve)

·         Cancellation : Since all the necessary arrangements like purchase of food, transport, equipments etc., are made well in advance, cancellations, if any must be communicated immediately in writing at the above address. Camp in-charge will take final decision about the refund amount after the camp.

·         The campsite has western toilets with running water, regular power with generator backup.

·         The meals are Strictly Veg during stay at Campsite

·         There is a complete ‘First-Aid Kit’ available at the campsite. Instructors are trained to give first aid.

·         Please inform the camp-in-charge about any long term medical treatment the kid is undergoing for any illness. They should also inform about hypersensitivity (to antibiotics, sulpha drugs etc.) / allergies if any.

·         There is facility to take bath,  moreover the kids may not find time for this. Instruct the kid to observe physical cleanliness / personal hygiene.

·         There will be an adequate number of female Instructors.

·         Keeping Safety of in mind, the instructors may not allow some kids to participate in some activities.

·         Parents and/or guests/relatives of the kids are not allowed to visit the campsite during the camp.

·         The Camp-in-charge’s decision in any matter related to this Camp is final.