Hello Friends, We Aberrant Wanderers are glad to invite you for a Firefly Special Jungle Trail to Bhimashankar on 4 June’ 2017


Some information about the place:

Name:- BhimashankarType: Hills/ Valley / Jungle / Waterfall’s /Grade: Medium / Endurance Level: Medium / Elevation: apprx. 1043mtr’s. / Base Village: Khandas / Coordinates:- 19.072°N 73.536°E

 Fireflies: Fireflies or lightning bugs make light within their bodies. This process is called bioluminescence and is shared by many other organisms, mostly sea-living or marine organisms. Fireflies light up to attract a mate. To do this, the fireflies contain specialized cells in their abdomen that make light.
Bhimashankar Forest:- Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary was notified by the state government of Maharashtra in 1985, under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. The sanctuary is situated on the crest of Western Ghats that is recognised as one of the 12-biodiversity hotspots of the world. The sanctuary harbours large diversity of endemic & specialised flora and fauna. Sanctuary is home to the state animal of Maharashtra- Ratufa indica elphistonii, sub species of the Indian Giant squirrel that is one of three threatened Indo-Malyan squirrel species. The particular sub species found here is endemic to Bhimashankar. Important mammals reported from the sanctuary are carnivores like Leopard Panthera pardus, Striped Hyena Hyaena hyaena and Golden Jackal Canis aureus, Sambar Cervus unicolor, Barking Deer Muntiacus muntjak, Wildboar Sus scrofa, Common Langur Semnopithecus entellus, Rhesus Macaque Macaca mulatta and the Mouse Deer Moschiola meminna. The Indian Pangolin Manis crassicaudata is also reported. Sanctuary is rich in specialised and endemic reptiles, amphibians, butterflies and insects. During the monsoon (rainy season), various species of mosses and epiphytes including bioluminescent fungi can be seen on the trees.

 The itinerary for the trek will be as follows:

 Meeting Point Neral Railway Station 20.00PM 3rd June’ 2017(We will be back to Mumbai on 4th June’ 2017 by 17:00 PM tentatively.)

 The cost for the trek will be INR 1000/- per head,


  • Travelling from Neral to Neral

  • 1 bf/Tea {poha/upma},  1 Dinner (Veg Basic Village Food)

  • 1 Lunch

  • Guide and Expertise Charges


  • Personal Expenses

  • Anything which is not mentioned in inclusion

For registration or queries,
Contact : 8425076272
Write to:

FOR SMS/Whatsapp Inquiry:
Please drop a message as “trek inquiry” at 8425076272, we will get back to you ASAP.

Things to Carry:

  • Camera, Cell Phone, Cap(Optional)

  • Please avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments

  • Personal basic medical kit

  • A haversack to put all these things

  • Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits, glucon-D etc

  • Mattress and one Chaddar (Compulsory)

  • Good Quality torch with extra battery (Compulsory)

  • Trekking/Sports shoes (Compulsory)


 Cancellation Policy:



  • Cancellations prior to 30days from the start of the trek -- 90% refund.

  • Cancellation before 15 days to the start of the trek -- 50% refund.

  • Cancellation a week to the start of the trek -- No refund.

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