Ratangad is probably best scenic fort in Maharashtra. situated near Bhandardara Dam in the Igatpuri region, Nagar District. It is situated at an altitude of 4255 feet above the sea level. We will get spectacular views of Sahyadri as you get in Grand CanyonS.

History: Ratangad is about 2000 years old, is famous for the Amruteshwar temple at the base village, Ratanwadi. This temple was built by Raja Jhanj in 6th century. The architecture of this temple was in Hemadpanti style.

What to see on Ratangad …..


  • Ganesh Darvaja, Hanuman Darvaja, Kokan Darvaja and Tryambak Darvaja
  • Ruins of old structure, Water cisterns
  • Nedha (a natural orifice), Bastions of the fort
  • Origin of the river Pravara, Spectacular view of Bhandardara dam
  • We can have glimpse of Alang , Kulang , Patta , Harishchandragad, Kalsubai & Ajoba .

Trek Schedule:

·       Catch Kasara Local on 10:50 pm at CSTM ON 30TH Oct.

·        Dadar – 11:05, Kurla – 11:13, Thane – 11:34, Dombivali – 11:50, Kalyan – 12:07.

·        We will alight at Kasara and take a private jeeps to reach Ratanwadi. We will reach Ratanwadi at 5 am. After Breakfast, we will climb the fort in 3 Hours.

·        After lunch, we will explore the fort. Rest in the cave.

·        After breakfast, Climb down to ratanwadi on Sunday.

  • We will return Mumbai around 7:00 pm on Sunday 1st November 2015.

Trek Fees: Rs. 1700/- (This includes tea, breakfast, lunch, one dinner, snacks and private transport from Kasara to Kasara).

·        For enrollment contact us:                                          

Santosh Bhide:        9769150130       Shweta Bandbe:   9892691821                                

Akshay Mulye:          9819212975        Vaibhav Bhosle:   9820480382                                  


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