Naneghat -    Grade - Easy Medium.     Climbing Time :- 3 Hrs

Naneghat, also known as Nanacha Angtha, is a part of Western Ghats near Junnar in Pune District. The name nane means "coin" and  ghat  means  "pass". It served as a trade route from Kalyan to Junnar. ‘Toll’ was collected from the traders who used this route. The name itself suggests that it was a famous and significant route. “Nane” also means famous.

History:  Bor Ghat, Malshej Ghat and Naneghat were the foremost road links for commuting coast to the plateau. The Satvaahans had made Naneghat their main route to Junnar. During their tenure the most important way of commuting was Naneghat, which linked Kalyan & Sopara to Paithan.

However, as time proceeded, it was destroyed by alien rulers and then paid no attention. 

Trek Schedule:

·          On 20Th Feb, 10:30 pm Borivali E Station at A/C 700 Bus Stop.

·          Second Pickup 11.45 pm Thane Railway Station E near Ticket Window on 20th Feb.

·          Reach base village at 2.00 am.

·          We will start our trek to Naneghat.

·          Climb Naneghat in 3 Hrs & rest in the caves.

·          After Breakfast, visit Nanacha Angtha and surrounding places.

·          Get down and have a lunch

·          We will reach Mumbai at around 5:00 pm on Sunday 21st Feb.

·          Trek Fees: Rs. 1050/- (This includes Food and private transport from Borivali to Borivali).


·                          For enrollment contact us :  


Santosh Bhide:               9769150130       

Shweta Bandbe:              9892691821                                 

Akshay Mulye:                 9819212975       

     Vaibhav Bhosle:               9820480382  

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