Hampi Badami Bijapur

Bijapur : It is the capital of Adilshahi Dynasty from 1490 to 1686 

Gol Ghumaj is the largest dome built in India. In central chamber, every sound is echoed 7 times. 

Ibrahim Rauza is the most ornated building in Bijapur. Also called as “Taj Mahal of the Deccan”. 

Malik E Maidan is the largest medieval cannon in the world. Malik E Maidan means the Master Of The War Front. The cannon remain cool even in strong sunlight and if tapped, tinkles like a bell

Hampi : UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temples in Hampi have been long known for their aesthetics and world class architecture. Hampi has attracted tourists from all over the world for beautiful temples, ancient market streets, royal pavilions, bastions and royal platforms. 

Attractions in Hampi·       Virupaksha Temple ·       Viththal Temple ·       Hazara Rama Temple ·       Lakshmi Narsimha Temple ·       Krishna temple complex ·       Elephant Stables, Lotus Mahal ·       Archaeological Museum at Kamalpura ·       Hampi Bazar, Mint House ·       Tungabhadra Dam Garden 

Badami :Famous for its Sandstone Caves Temples which were built during the regime of the Chalukya Empire around 6th century.

Cave No 1 is oldest one and made of red sandstone & has hall with numerous pillars.

Cave No. 2 & 3 are dedicated to Vishnu which is most beautiful. 

Cave No. 4 related to Jainism 

Aihole :  It has historical Temple complex of Chalukyan architecture. Durga temple & Ravan Phadi caves are famous here.  

Pattadakal : UNESCO WorldHeritage Site. It is a place for Chalukya’s Coronation. Chalukya’s built many Temples between 7th & 9th century.

Trip Cost :- 6000/- per Head ( From Solapur to Solapur )

Tour Itinerary:

·  Wednesday, Dec 23 – Departure to Solapur by train from Mumbai (10.30pm)

·  Day 1 – Reach Solapur at 07:30 am, Proceed to Bijapur. Explore Bijapur. Reach Hospet. Stay in Hospet.

·  Day 2 - Explore various temples of Hampi in full day & enjoy sunset from Dam. Stay in Hospet.

·  Day 3 – Proceed to Badami early morning. Visit Banashankari Temple & visit Badami Caves. Post lunch visit Aihole & Pattadakol Temple on the way to Solapur. Dinner at Solapur & catch train to Mumbai @ 10:30 pm.

·  Sunday, Dec 27 – Arrival in Mumbai around 7:30 am

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