Chandan-Vandan, the twin forts, are situated at about 24 kms. from Satara. These forts can be easily identified from Pune-Satara route because of their flat plateaus.                                                                     

History:  These forts were built-up by king Bhoj II of Shilahar dynasty. Shivaji Maharaj overpowered Chandan-Vandan in 1673. Marathas ruled this region up to 1689. Afterwards Mughals ruled this fort. In 1707, Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj won this region. Later, British ruled over these forts.                                                                                             

Whats to see on Chandan vandan

·        Many dilapidated structures can be seen on the fort

·        Panchvad with Shiva Temple having Five Lingas

·        Big Mosque with a wall like structure

·        Remainings of old buildings, A small lake

·        From top we can see beautiful view of surrounding area.

      Kenjalgad is a beautiful fort located to the south of Pune near Bhor. During the early days, it was also called as Ghera Khelanja and Mohangad. There is not much to see on the fort as most of the structures are not intact, but its definitely worth visiting considering the beautiful plateau on the fort. The walls of the fort, however are still intact.

    Raireshwar Situated 8 km from Bhor in Pune district is the plateau of Rayari. Raireshwar has great historical significance. It was here that Shivaji Maharaj took the Oath of Swaraj in a temple of Lord Shiva.

Trek Schedule:

  • First pickup 10:30 pm Borivali E Station at A/C 700 Bus Stop on 27 Nov.
  • Second Pickup 11.45 pm Nahur Railway Station on 27th Nov.
  • Reach base village at 6.00 am, Fresh up.
  • We will start our trek to Chandan – Vandan.
  • Explore both forts on sane day and climb down at evening.
  • Our Night stay will be in Wai.
  • On 29th Nov, morning after breakfast reach to base village of Kenjalgad.
  • Trek to Kenjalgad (30 minutes) climb down
  • Reach Raireshwar base by bus (30 minutes) trek to Raireshwar Plateau, have a lunch.
  • Visit Raireshwar temple & surrounding area, climb down at 3 pm

·        We will return Mumbai around 9.00 pm on Sunday 29th Nov.


·        Trek Fees: Rs.2100/- (Food & private transport from Borivali to Borivali).


·        For enrollment contact us:  


Santosh Bhide:        9769150130        Shweta Bandbe:  9892691821                                


Akshay Mulye:          9819212975        Vaibhav Bhosle:   9820480382  


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