Avchitgad is situated in the mountain range of Roha, Raigad District.

Height of this fort is 395 meter above sea level. This fort is surrounded by dense Forest.

History: This fort was built in the reign of Shilahars. In 1658 , Chhatrapati Shivaji

Maharaj won this fort from adilshahi & rebuilt it.

What to see on avchitgad : 

Ø Mahadarvaja (Gomukhi Darvaja)

Ø Shiva Mandir

Ø Statue of Pingalsai Devi and Khandoba

Ø Water cisterns and a small lake

Ø Bastions of the fort well in condition

Ø Shilalekh

Ø South and North Tehalni Buruj.

Ø From the top we can see beautiful Kundalika river and Roha City


This fort is situated on the bank of Malati Creek in Raigad District. The height of this Fort is 800 ft above sea level.

History: This is a very small fort but strategically very important. It was built to keep an eye on the invaders who could get through the western coastline Shivaji maharaj kept this fort in Purandar Treaty with us to keep an eye on the siddhis.

 What to See on Talgad :

Ø Hanuman Darwaja

Ø Statue of Lord Hanuman

Ø Bastions of the fort well in condition

Ø Tehalni Buruj

Ø View of ghosalgad from the top            

Trek Schedule:

·            On 21st January, Reporting at  pm at  10.30 pm at AC 700 bus stop near borivali railway station (East)


·            2nd pick up pint , 11.45 pm Thane Railway station ( East )

·            Reach Pali @ 2.30 am , Night Stay at Bhakta Niwas for 3 hours

·            Start our trek @ 7 am post breakfast. Climb will take 2 hours

·            Reach the Avchitgad top @ 9 am. Explore the fort & descend.

·            After Lunch, Climb Talgad fort in 30 minutes.

·            Explore the fort & descend

·            We will move towards Mumbai by 4 pm & reach by 9.00 pm

Trek Fees: Rs.1300/- (This includes Breakfast, lunch and transport from Borivali  to Borivali).


  • Confirmation of names for trek is subject to payment of trek fee of Rs.1300/-
  • Organizers have the authority to make any kind of changes in the program without prior intimation

For enrollment contact us :      

Shweta Bandbe:                 9892691821          Akshay Mulye:                     9819212975    

Santosh Bhide:                    9769150130         Vaibhav Bhosle:                    9820480382

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