About the Place:

  • Height: 4267 ft
  • Region: Koyna wildlife Sanctuary
  • Grade : Medium

General Information:
Vasota Fort (also called Vyaghragad) is located in Satara district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It was famously defended by Tai Telin a mistress of Pant Pratinidhi a killedar of the fort when he was captured. Vasota fort is attributed to the Kolhapur Shilahara Raja Bhoja II (1178–1193) of Panhala. Vasota always remained with Marathas, Shirkes & Mores in 16th century & then incorporated in Swarajya by Shivaji Maharaj in 1655 during the conquest of Javli. Shivaji Maharaj named the fort “Vyaghragad” (Vyaghra – means tiger), owing to its difficult natural defense. After Shivaji Maharaj, the brave Maratha Bajirao Peshwa carried on the Swarajya mission of ousting the Mughal invaders from our country.


vasota trek


Meeting PointDadar stn(E) near Swami Narayan Temple at 11:00pm. (on 26th Saturday)


Expenses: INR 2200 per head
 which includes

  • Travelling from Dadar to Dadar.
  • Ferry charges.
  • Breakfast, lunch and Tea.
  • Leader’s expertise charge.

For registration or queries,
Contact : 8425076272/8425076270

FOR SMS Inquiry:
Please drop a message as “trek inquiry” at 8425076270, we will get back to you ASAP.


Things to Carry:

  • A Water Bottle ( at least 2/2.5 Ltrs)
  • Good quality Shoes.
  • Light bedding
  • Camera, Cell Phone, Cap(Optional)
  • Please avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments.

So, Let’s enjoy the nature in Wanderers style with rules and lots of fun :) 

Aberrant Wanderers Team.

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