After our recent achievement, 1200 ft Tyrolean Traverse at Kokankada Harishchandragad which was recognized by LIMCA BOOK as India's Longest in its type. Here we come up with another exciting, virgin, and attempt to achieve another milestone - 1900 ft Tyrolean Traverse at Malshej Ghat. 
Malshej Ghat is well known for several types of avian population and particularly known for flamingoes. A nice view of valley is one of the major attractions here and the view behind the MTDC Rest house is a must-see. It is famous for dark woods and the animals inside. Theses animals include tigers, leopards, rabbits and peacocks etc. One of the beauties here is many waterfalls in the hilly regions many of them are right next to the highway.
We at Hi-Tech Adventures are again  attempting this event which was done in April 24th with 15 participants successfully crossing this valley.
In this event Mst Malhar (Nasik), 9 years  also attempted this event successfull
The  1900 ft zipline (Tyrolean Traverse) starts at the MTDC rest house which will be our start point and this ends at the tunnel at Malshej. This project was untouchedtill April this year and we at Hi-Tech Adventures have attempted it with success. As our motto which always remain same as done with our many bygone events, that the confidence can be developed through adventure events in nature and the values of natural resources, survival techniques and awareness play a vital role in our day to day life.
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Tushar Modak
Hi-Tech Adventures
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