Welcome to the Himalyan kingdom..!

Cost - 28500/- (book before 30th nov.and get 1000rs off )

Bhutan the best known for the world today as 'The last Shangrila'.
Witness the untouched natural beauty, breathtaking valleys, ridges and quaint villages.
Feel the wind in your face as you immerse yourself in the magic of beautiful temples and intriguing traditions of the country.
Explore this realm of mystery and spirituality with us in 8 days' period with the best possible rates.
Since this country is exceptinally rich in nature and culture, its' only fair that we give it more than a mere glance.

Our tour goes like

Phuentsholing 2N –

Thimphu 2N -


Paro 2N

from 24th Dec. 2017 to 31st Dec. 2017.
For any further details kindly contact -
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