PARVAT BUDDIES: A refreshing trek to Matheran (via Panvel) on 3rd September 2017.

Some Info about the place:

MATHERAN (800m/2625ft) as you all know is a popular hill station near Mumbai. It enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year. One can never get enough of its lush green forests and red-soiled paths. You may have visited it several times as a tourist. But now, we bring you this amazing opportunity of experiencing the beauty of this hill, as a trekker.

Climbing up Matheran from its eastern slopes gives you amazing views of the entire Matheran range. Peaks like Chanderi-Mhasmal, Prabalgad-Kalavantini, Irshalgad, Peb, Haji Malang are a treat to the eyes. View of Morbe and Gadeshwar dams are pretty good too. On this route, we’d come across dense jungles, streams, tiny villages and climbs challenging enough for your trekker soul.

Grade: Easy-Moderate.

Extensive painstaking preparations have been carried out by our team of experienced leaders in planning and organising this trek for you. Our leaders are well versed with the terrain and have a trekking experience of over a decade in the Sahyadri. Rest assured that they will take good care of you during the trek. Our USP is that we prefer to trek in small sized groups so as to have a better bonding and interaction among our participants. This makes our events much more enjoyable and memorable. We maintain a reasonable Leader to Participant ratio which is about 1:12 on an average. We also have a good number of female participants joining our events. On an average around 40% of our participants in the past have been females, which proves that we are a gender friendly group. We always carry a basic first aid kit with us. We are a responsible trekking group and try our best to leave a minimum possible impact on our ecology while conducting the treks. We respect the Mountains and follow a set of rules to ensure discipline in our outdoor activities.

Some Trek Rules:
Climbing the Mountain is definitely an enjoyable adventure, provided we all follow some discipline. One must follow these basic rules strictly so that the outdoors can be enjoyed in a safe way: 

1] Mountains are a place of abundant natural beauty. Hence, it is our duty to keep them free of garbage. So please do not litter. One is expected to deposit all wrappers/empty water bottles etc in his/her own bag. In fact it would not be a bad idea to pick up any plastic bottle, packet or wrapper lying on the trekking path. A separate garbage-bag must be carried for this purpose. All accumulated garbage should be carried back to the city and dumped in to bins.

2] Trekking is a healthy activity. So any unhealthy habit like Smoking is strictly prohibited. Consumption of alcohol, tobacco and drugs is also banned. These habits could prove to be fatal for you or your trek buddies. Moreover, who would want to have such addictions when the beauty of nature is itself intoxicating!

3] Care should be taken so as not to harm the natural surroundings including trees, plants (esp. Flowers), insects, reptiles and animals in any manner whatsoever. Even they feel the pain just as we humans do. Value Life & Preserve Our Ecology!

4] Learn to detach yourself from the city life and be one with Nature. Don't disturb the peaceful environment of the hills by making unnecessary noises, shouting or playing loud music - the birds and animals might get scared/provoked. Instead, Listen to the call of the Mountain, the melodious birds, the flowing water, the whistling breeze & Discover Your True Self - Listen To Your HeartBeat :)

5] Most of the hills and valleys are an integral part of our history. It is a treasure, which we are duty bound to preserve for our future generations. Therefore, defacing/damaging historical monuments/temples/caves and indulging in Graffiti is strongly discouraged.

6] Respect the local culture and villagers. They are kind and helpful. While on the trekking path, always make way for the villagers first. It is quite a humbling experience to know about hardships faced by the villagers living in different parts of the Sahyadri Mountains. Even then, most of the villagers will host you gracefully when you happen to visit their small homes.

7] Apart from the general fun and sense of adventure that Trekking provides, it is also aimed at increasing self-confidence, build unity among participants and create long lasting friendships. Hence, while trekking, it is very important to be a Team that stays united throughout.

Tentative Itinerary:
(These are approximate timings)

Assembly: At Panvel Rly Stn @ 0645hrs sharp on Sunday, 3rd Sept 2017.

(Exact train timings will be communicated to registered participants separately)

0700 hrs: Breakfast.
0730 hrs: Start Journey for base village by available mode of public transport (ST/Tumtum).
0830 hrs: Reach Base village. Briefing, Warm-up & Introductions.
0900 hrs: Start Trekking.
1230 hrs: Reach Summit. Have lunch.
1400 hrs: Start descending by different route.
1700 hrs: Reach base village.
1730 hrs: Take available public transport for Panvel.
1830 hrs: Halt for evening snacks & tea/coffee.
1900 hrs: Take the next available train for Mumbai.

** Trek Ends **

Things you should carry (COMPULSORY):

In order to have an enjoyable time in the mountains, one needs to be well equipped with the following things:

1] Identity Proof.

2] Double shouldered bag.

3] TREKKING SHOES (must be in good condition) Carry extra socks and laces.

4] WATER (at least 3 litres per head)


6] Wear Full length track-pants & full sleeves Shirt (preferably dry-fit) to protect oneself from insects, thorns, cold and sunburn.

7] Personal care items like Vaseline, Powder, Tissues/Napkins, Sanitizer etc.

8] WINDCHEATER, CAP, Umbrella.

9] TORCH / HEADLAMP with extra batteries.

10] Extra pair of clothes, a lightweight towel, and flip-flops to put on after the trek is over.

11] Big plastic bag to store your wet clothes & Shoes.

12] A Garbage bag to dump wrappers/tissues etc.

13] Light snacks such as biscuits, energy bars, candies, dry fruits & nuts, ORS, some juicy fruits as per your liking to munch on during the hike.


Optional (recommended):

• Trekking pole. (Strongly recommended)
Small Knife, Whistle, Matchbox, Candle, Diary & pen.
• Camera.
• Sunglasses, Sunscreen lotion.
• Personal Medicines.

Rs. 555/- (non-refundable)


         ®         1 Veg. Breakfast.

         ®         Travel from Panvel to Panvel in available mode of public transport.

         ®         Evening snacks & Tea/Coffee.

         ®         Basic First Aid Kit.

         ®         Safety Equipments (if any).

         ®         Route & Trek Guidance. 

Exclusions: Packaged drinking water, cold-drinks, any entry fee or camera fee, any sort of personal expenses, any other thing not mentioned under ‘Inclusions’


Registration Process:

No. Of Seats: Min 6 and Max 15 participants. (First come First Serve on Payment Basis)

(The event is subject to minimum participation.)


** Registrations are strictly by phone call & online payment only! **

Last Date for registrations & payment: 4pm, 1st Sept 2017 (Friday).


Your seat will be booked only when we receive complete participant details along with the confirmation (transaction id/screenshot) of the online payment. Please call us on the below-mentioned number to know the Bank Details for Funds Transfer.



v  Trekking is a demanding physical activity and should NOT be confused with picnic. Do not expect home like comforts and amenities in the hilly terrain.

v  It is important to be in good health and to have a basic level of physical fitness to ensure a happy time during the trek. Consult your doctor before joining the trek if you’re suffering from any ailment/injury.

v  It is important for all participants to abide by the instructions of the trek leader from time to time. Any violation of Trek Rules or misbehaviour will be dealt with strictly and the participant will be expelled from the group immediately without any refund. The time schedule for the trek has to be followed strictly by every participant so as to have a timely and safe execution of the trek.

v  Avoid Jeans/Belts/Sling bags as it is important to walk freely while trekking. Shorts, 3/4ths and Sleeveless tops are strictly NOT allowed.

v  Avoid bringing costly gadgets/devices and valuables like jewellery etc. Carry only sufficient cash.

v  Try to keep the weight of your bag as less as possible.

v  Wrap your belongings in plastic to protect them from dust and/or rains.

v  Lastly, leave a brief note about your trekking plan at home.

We hope you don’t miss this amazing opportunity. So come, let’s enjoy nature together. Be there to experience it yourself!


For any queries, feel free to Contact us:

Parin H Shah (9869173138)

About Us:
PARVAT BUDDIES is a Mumbai based group of adventurers and nature lovers established in the year 2014. We organise outdoor activities like trekking, camping, cycling, tree plantations, etc for beginners across various age groups. We have successfully conducted 67 enjoyable outdoor events and have catered to college students, youngsters, children, corporates and families.

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Disclaimer: While utmost care will be taken by the organisers, all participants shall be responsible for their own safety and belongings. Organisers will not be responsible for any injury, casualty, death or any other untoward incident. Decision of the trek leader shall be final and binding on all participants.

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