DarkGreen Adventures invites you for the phase 3 of the Trans Sahyadri trek under leadership of one of the most acclaimed and renowned mountaineers from India, Mr Arjun Vajpai. The Trans Sahyadri trek has become a yearly ritual where adventure and nature loving people come together for a week and trek through the surreal landscape of Sahyadri mountain range in Maharashtra. This year the trek will go through Sandhan Valley, the massive Ajobagad, forests of Katrabai pass, Ghanchakkar range and the Karkai range. Most of this entire range is untouched and unexplored.

About Arjun Vajpai: Arjun Vajpai is a living example that no dream is too big if you work towards it with determination, hard work and persistence. He is the most active mountaineer from India who has made the country proud year after year. At 16 he climbed the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest, to become the youngest ever Indian to do so at that time. He is also the youngest person in the world to climb 8000 meter peaks Mt. Lhotse and Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Makalu and Mt. Cho Oyu. He will be conducting lectures on various topics ranging from mountaineering, trekking, survival and his experiences on some of the highest peaks of the world.

Brief itinerary:
Day 0: 2nd November 2017, Thursday.
22:30 - Gather at Pritam hotel, Dadar East and begin our journey to the base village of Sandhan Valley, Samrad in a private bus.

Day 1: 3rd November 2017, Friday
03:00 - Reach Samrad and rest for a while.
05:00 - We start to descend in the Sandhan valley.
14:00 - Reach campsite, set up camp and have lunch. Later we visit blue lagoon, a beautiful water body and have a relaxing dip.
18:00 - Lecture by Arjun Vajpai followed by dinner.

Day 2: 4th November 2017, Saturday.
05:00 - Wakeup call followed by breakfast.
06:00 - We start the trek and complete remainder of the descent till Dehne village.
08:00 - Reach Dehne village and unwind for a bit.
10:00 - We begin a long day trek through the route not so often taken to Ajoba Gad. The route goes through river routes, few rock patches and grasslands.
17:00 - Reach Ajoba Khind and set up camp.
18:00 - Lecture by Arjun Vajpai.

Day 3, 5th November 2017, Sunday.
06:00 - Wakeup call followed by breakfast
07:00 - Trek to Ajoba Gad top which offers some very scenic view of the surrounding range.
08:00 - Start descending Ajoba Gad. We will then trek towards Kumshet Village .
16:00 - Reach Kumshet and set up camp
18:00 - Lecture by Arjun Vajpai.

Day 4: 6th November 2017, Monday.
05:00 - Wakeup call followed by breakfast
06:00 - We begin our trek to Muda via Katrabai pass. The trek route passes through hidden medows of Sahyadri's. After crossing Katrabai pass, we enter into Ghanchakkar range.
17:00 - Reach Muda and setup camp.
18:00 - Lecture by Arjun Vajpai

Day 5: 7th November 2017, Tueday.
06:00 - Wakeup call followed by breakfast.
07:00 - We continue with our trek through the Ghanchakkar range. We will encounter streams and ponds on the way for a quick swim. Our destination for the day is Bhairavgad which has beautiful caves for accommodation.
16:00 - Reach Bhairavgad and unwind for the day.

Day 6: 8th November 2017, Wednesday.
05:00 - Wakeup call followed by breakfast
06:00 - Descend Bhairavgad and trek through the extremely scenic route to the adjoining Kothda Bhairavgad
15:00 - Reach the top of kothda Bhairavgad and set up camp
18:00 - Lecture by Arjun Vajpai

Day 7: 9th November 2017, Thursday.
06:00 - Wakeup call followed by breakfast
07:00 - We begin our trek to the Karkai mountain range through a very scenic route on a lost and found trail which connects Bhairavgad and Karkai. The route goes through beautiful forests and streams.
14:00 - Reach Karkai and have lunch. Later explore the surrounding.
18:00 - Lecture by Arjun Vajpai followed by dinner.

Day 8: 10th November, Friday
05:00 - Wakeup call followed by breakfast
06:00 - We descend Karkai and take a jeep to the base of our last hike of the trek, Seeta cha dongar.
11:00 - Reach the base of the mountain and begin the trek. This pinnacle is situated right in front of the Konkankada cliff and offers astonishing views of the surrounding valley.
17:00 - Descend back to the base and go to one of the most beautiful camping place, Happatachakada to spend the last night together. We will have a small team celebration here.

Day 9: 11th November, Saturday. 
08:00 - Wakeup call followed by breakfast
09:00 - Start or journey back in jeep to Kasara.
12:00 - Reach Kasara station and catch train to Mumbai.
14:00 - Reach Mumbai and depart for respective homes with lifetime of memories.

Cost: 9000/- INR. 
Nonrefundable advanced payment of INR 3500/- INR has to be made to confirm your registration. 

NOTE: We understand that one might not get leave for 9 days from work hence we have kept an option for joining us for the first two days for Sandhan Valley trek. Transport to Asangaon station after the trek will be arranged. The fees for the first two days is 3000/- INR. Please contact the trek leader on the given number for more details .

Cost includes:
- Meals and refreshments during the trek.
- Travel from Mumbai to Samrad on day 1 and Pachnai to Kasara on day 9
- Accommodation 
- Expertise charges.

Cost excludes:
- Any meal or drink purchased for personal use.
- Anything not mentioned under ‘cost includes’.

Parth Upadhyay- 9820468748 (Available on WhatsApp) 
Krishna Kuya- 9820285295 (Available on WhatsApp) 

--- Send your advanced payment to following account ---
Name: Parth Pratik Upadhyaya
Bank: Bank of Maharashtra, Mahim west.
Account no: 6021 7193 534
Account type: Savings
IFSC Code: MAHB0000108

Expectations from this trip:
- This is an exhausting expedition and you need to be in good physical state. Prior trekking experience is mandatory. 
- Expect vegetarian meals in your package on most days. 
- Our daily schedule may differ to the schedule mentioned in the itinerary due to factors not in our control. The trek leaders decision will be final. 

Things to carry:
- Sleeping bag or sleeping material like sleeping mat, bedsheet etc.
- Proper sports or trekking shoes.
- At least 3 pair of clothes, undergarments and socks
- Torch with extra batteries (compulsory)
- Two bottles, each of one litre.
- Light snacks like namkeen or fruits. (recommended)
- Energry drinks like ORS or Electral (recommended)
- Sunglasses, sunscreen, cap (optional)
- Personal medical and toiletry kit.

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