Overnight Camping & Trek at Kamalgad at Krishna River Camp enroute Panchgani on 17th March.


At Rs.1250/per adult (without transport) and Rs.2000/per adult with transport , inclusive of  all meals and activities mentioned below.  



Contact : Milan Wadkar @ 9819833345 for booking or email us at


Package details:


Day 1


·         2pm : check in at Krishna River Camp post lunch (lunch not included in package)

·         2.30pm: Swim in the river with life jackets and guard

·         3.30pm:  Hop onto the group motor boat to reach to the base village of Kamalgad.  

·         4-6pm- Start ascending from the base village with the help of 2 guides.

·         7pm-8pm Reach the peak and Start pegging the tents

·         8.30- DIY barbecue, we provide 200 gms marinated chicken for NV and paneer potatoes for veg.

·         9.30-10.30pm - Dinner ( A basic village cooked veg meal)

·         10.30- Campfire time : Sit around the campfire, spend time knowing each other and sharing your camping and adventure experiences if you have any or just lay back and watch the zillion stars.


Day 2


·         6.30am :  Freshen up and start to reach to the peak of Kamalgad.

·         8am: explore the flora and fauna of Kamalgad Peak and reach back to the tents.

·         8-8.30 Break Fast - Tea and Pohe or Thepla either of 2.

·         9am – Pack up the tents and begin to explore the north and south of Kamalgad.

·         10am- Start descending and reach the base village.

·         1pm: Return boat journey to Krishna River Camp and check out.



Important Notes :


·         This is strictly a Non-Alcoholic event

·         Plz note, final boat will leave for base village at 3.30pm & hence late comers would not be accommodated at any cost.

·         Meals mentioned in the program plan are included in package rest all expenses are to be incurred on individual basis

·         2 Mineral water bottles to be provided to each camper.

·         Tents would be on triple sharing basis and each camper would have to carry 1kg of camping accessories weight other than their respective recommended camping gears.

·         There are no washroom/toilet facilities at Kamalgad.