The twin forts of Purandar-Vajragad are located approximately 40 kms south-east of Pune at 4550 feet above the sea level. Purandar fort, being quite a huge one was a good place for defense. It had the capacity to house many soldier-troops, food grains and ammunition which proved sufficient for long duration during wartime.

On the Top, One can find remains of old structures, Purandareshwar Temple, Delhi Darwaza, Khandkada, Kedareshwar Temple, Bini Darwaza, Padmavati Lake & Bastions of the fort well in condition.

Also Forts like Rajgad, Torna, Sinhagad, Raireshwar, Rohida, Malhargad can be seen from here.

Malhargad is situated in Pune district. Height of this fort is 3100 ft above sea level. This fort is also known as Sonoricha Killa.

History: Malhargad was built by Panse, a Peshwa Sardar and known as the last fort built in Maharashtra & it was used to keep eye on the invader, who can get in through Dive Ghat and surrounding.

On the Top, One can find remains of old structures, Temple of Khadoba and Mahadeva, A Pond and Dry well & Bastions of the fort well in condition.

From the Fort we can have glimpses of Rajgad, Sinhagad, Purandar and Torana.

Trek Schedule:

·        On 9th Sep 2017, 1st pickup 9.45 pm Borivali east Station near 700 A/c bus Stop  & 2nd Pickup 10.45 pm, Nahur Railway Platform

·        Next Day Morning ,We will reach base village Narayanpur

·        After Breakfast, we will proceed to Purandar. Explore it

·        After lunch,  we will move towards Malhargad (30 minutes Trek)

·        We will return Mumbai around 10.00 pm

Trek Fee - Rs. 1500/-

(This includes Breakfast, lunch and private transport from Borivali to Borivali).


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