Bijapur : It is the capital of Adilshahi Dynasty from 1490 to 1686. The city consists of the citadel, the fort and the remains of the city. The fort is surrounded by a wall 6 m. in circumference. This wall is from 30 to 50 ft (15 m) high, and is strengthened with ninety-six massive bastions of various designs.

Places to be covered :-
Gol Gumbaz                  Ibrahim Rauza
Malik E Maidan Gun    Asar Mahal
Gagan Mahal                Bara Kamaan
Saath Kabar                  Jami Mashjid
Landa Kasab Gun

Tour Itinerary: 

·  Friday, Jan 11 – Departure to Bijapur by train from Mumbai (9:20pm)

·  Day 1 – Reach Bijapur at 07:30 am, Proceed to our hotel. Explore Bijapur.

·  Day 2 – Explore remaining places of Bijapur. And board train for Mumbai at 5:45 pm.

·  Monday, Jan 14 – Arrival in Mumbai around 5:30 am

Tour Cost - 6000/- per head (Ex Bijapur)

·  For enrollment contact us:

Akshay Mulye                :         9819212975

Santosh Bhide               :         9930660731

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