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The winter season at Breakfree was full of adventure. And it only gets better this weekend as we head to Ratangad, nestled in the Bhandardara region! Much of the fort structures have vanished with time, although the caves remain. Situated at a staggering 4500 feet above sea level, the caves overlook…
09.02.2013 09:30
Ratangad, Ratanwadi, India
From breakfreej
Kalavantin Durg has remained on our wishlist for way too long now. This beautiful pinnacle adjoining the majestic Prabalgad not only provides great views of the surrounding region but also offers a challenging climb to the top. After navigating a small rock patch, a series of steps take you right to…
15.12.2012 10:00
Kalavantin, Panvel, India
From breakfreej
The winter is almost here and the annual avian visitors to our city have slowly started migrating! This Sunday join us on a trip to Nagla Block - the northern most tip of Sanjay Gandhi National Park.   Much less explored this small region plays host to several species of birds, bugs, butterflies, …
09.12.2012 19:19
Nagla Block, Mumbai, India
From breakfreej
The sight of Prabalgad and Kalavantin durg doesn't leave you as one travels across Panvel and onto the NH17 towards Goa. It is a sight that welcomes you home when you enter familiar territory on a return journey to the city. The climb upto Prabalgad is adventurous and passes through thick foliage an…
15.09.2012 04:50
Prabalgad, Panvel, India
From breakfreej
It's been three years since we have been out there, out in the lap of mother nature, exploring, travelling and discovering ourselves in the process. It's been a journey full of surprises and fun, and to mark this important milestone, we are venturing out to Avchitgad! The fort now lies in ruins but …
19.08.2012 04:46
Avchitgad, Roha, India
From breakfreej
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