AO Trekkers Monsoon Trek Season Started

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AO Trekkers

A O Trekkers is a part of Youth Cultural Foundation Reg. Maharashtra State, Mumbai 1527/2014 G.B.B.S.C.

AO Trekkers is a group of young adventure enthusiasts having common hobby of trekking and common goal of conserving the national heritage of India i.e. all the forts. 

We are active in this field for past 3 years and many more to come.

We believe that Youth of India is the Future of India and this young generation is going away or have forgotten about the national heritage, culture and flora & fauna of India.

We organize treks, adventure sports and camping for each one and everyone so that they get a break from the daily busy routine and getaway from the man made concrete jungles and relax in the midst of Nature.

A.O Trekkers is open for all those who have the zest for adventure, thirst for exploring the unexplored & creating their own paths to infinity through trekking.

You can check the following link to get a big picture of our work.


For our activities and upcoming events you can contact -

Prasad Mahajan : 9769193111

Swapnil Gotad : 7738833420

Prasad Ambre : 9167438285

Rohit More : 9821335741

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Dear Adventurous, It gives us a great privilege to inform you that "AO trekkers" is organizing one day trek to Kalsubai Peak - Igatpuri.Let’s grab our sack and trekking shoes to get the feel of this hard core adventures trek with AO trekkers...... Duration: Two DaysTraveling Date: 27th Night and 28t…
27.06.2015 22:30
Kalsubai Peak, Mumbai, India
From aotrekkers
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