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Vineesh Edakkara

I am Vineesh Edakkara, a documentary and lifestyle photographer by passion and profession. I have traveled all over India and abroad as well for various projects. It is impossible to say when my love for photography began. I think I was already in the middle when I realized it. Wherever I went personally and professionally my passion for photography continued to grow. 

I've been a part of the media industry since I was 19; most of this time was spent as a Producer with NDTV Good Times. I have produced shows, directed shoots, handled promotions, worked on music videos and done everything that I could get my hands on. Even managed to win a few awards on the way – Promax Asia 2012, Inter Media Globe Gold Awards and Indian Television Academy Awards among many others. 

While doing all of this, photography was something I got effortlessly associated with. Though, I usually only click for myself, my work has been nominated at Art Takes Times Square, Eventful India Photography Awards, and Nat Geo photography contest. I've shot promotion stills for many NDTV shows- Two for the Road, Food Awards, Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar Girl with Angela Jonsson,Tigerthon with Mr Amitabh Bachchan and an Exclusive coffee table book Called "Edupreneur" and other Feature story stills for Times Of India apart from corporate portfolio for Agri gold Group to name a few.

I look for stories to tell through my frames. Photography is my language and my stills are my poetry and my prose, they are my views and opinions. They define who I am. 
Here are a few other things that make me who I am. I started working when I was 19. Eloped to marry the girl of my dreams at 22. And once wasn't enough for us, so we married each other again and again each time with different rituals, different customs and blessings from different people but with the same vows and love. Apart from photography and my wife, I love motorcycles. I'll never leave a chance to ride a bike. I love trying new things. I love travelling, not the planned vacations but the spontaneous back pack variety. I'll never leave home without my camera. I hope to one day open a tea and Maggi stall in a hill station. I love making friends and meeting new people.

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