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We are an experiential events company. We do events like treks, camps. adventure outings, lakeside music events and other tailor-made events!

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We're heading to the beautiful valley at Khandala called 'Garden of Eden'. A challenging yet fun climb down to the river followed by jumping and cannon balling into the water is what awaits you. How can a Vagabond trek be complete without a campfire and some nice live music. Pack your bags and lets …
19.11.2016 07:30
Khandala, Mumbai, India
The mountains have always been a great getaway for most travellers. But how often do you travel to the mountains, climb it, and sit in a natural hot water spring with a view of the glorious snow capped Himalayas? How often do you live in a local village in the middle of the mountains, sipping on you…
06.11.2016 18:00
Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, India
We're gonna spend the day hiking to Tikona, eating great food, making some new friends and taking a dip in the majestic Pawna lake. It's going to be off the hook! Leave the city behind and forget about the traffic and all your worries. Just absorb the natural goodness of Pawna at the pristine Camp D…
23.10.2016 07:00
Pawna, Lonavla, Mumbai, India
The Konkan Kada at Harishchandragadh is located at a height of 4,665ft ASL. We will be trekking through forests and climbing mountains to reach the beauty that is the Konkan Kada. Campfires, a starry night, a beautiful view of Malshej Ghat, and singing all night long are few of the things that await…
14.10.2016 22:00
Harishchandragdh, Mumbai, India
Upper Kanheri is one of the restricted areas of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. It's a beautiful hike in the woods where you can learn a lot about the flora and fauna of S.G.N.P. This trail is a perfect getaway for those who just want to unwind over a simple hike through a dense forest which ends a…
09.10.2016 07:00
SGNP, Mumbai, India
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