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Ratnadurga Mountaineers
We - the Ratnadurga Mountaineers - are experts for outdoor activities in Western Ghats and offer you a variety of hikes, tours and activities. We have long years of experience in outdoor activities and mountaineering, both in Western Ghats and Himalaya.
With the Ratnadurga Mountaineers you can experience Maharashtras off the beaten tracks and enjoy the beautiful nature and wildlife that Western Ghats offers often not far outside the major cities.
While we concentrate on Adventure and trekking, we offer a variety of activities and training programs for all age groups and fitness levels.
Our volunteer are trained and experienced in outdoor skills and First Aid
Area of Activities
We have a large variety of trekking tours that take you out of Maharashtra and into the quiet and beautiful landscape around, you will enjoy nature while getting some exercise with a good chance to spot some wildlife.
We also offer hikes that include camping and overnight stays in the Jungle and have a number of outdoor training activities that will keep you in shape and prepare you for the outdoors.
• one / two day trekking and camping tours
• caving / Spelunking
• endurance and speed hiking
• rappelling
• Zip lining
• valley crossing
• outdoor skills training
• outdoor first aid
• educational hikes
• kids summer camps /activities
• package tours for active holidays
• team-building activities
• customized hikes and packages

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