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Aasamant is an informal group formed by few Nature lovers in June 2005. Since then, this group, on monthly basis is organising different programs like Trek, Tours, Nature trails and Jungle safaris. 

Spending a time in Natural habitat, away from our routine hectic schedule, is truly refreshing.The sole intention of Aasamant group is to arrange these activities in most comfortable manner possible so that more and more people can join these activities and similarly, it will generate a platform for sharing information about History and Nature

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Jog Fall is the second highest waterfall in India. It is created by the Sharavathi River and has height of 830 ft. This waterfall is also known as Gerosappa Falls or Joga Falls. This magnificent falls are a major tourist attraction in Karnataka, the spellbinding view of which creates a truly memorab…
24.08.2018 15:00
Murdeshwar, Kumta, India
From Aasamant
Amboli is a hilly place on the crest-line of Northern Western Ghats in Sindhudurg District of south Maharashtra and an important biodiversity hotspot blessed with verdant valleys, lateritic plateaus, waterfalls and lush green forests. Amboli is a heaven for herpetofauna and micro fauna with new fasc…
02.08.2018 17:00
Amboli, Amboli, India
From Aasamant
Kavnai Fort is located in Western Range of Igatpuri region at a height of 2500 ft. What to see on Kavnai : ·        Main entrance of the fort well in condition ·        Cave, small pond & cistern ·        Bastion & dilapidated structure of mansion ·        Views of Kalsubai, Trimbak ran…
08.07.2018 00:00
Kavnai Mordhan, Igatpuri, India
From Aasamant
Ramshej literally means Lord Ram’s bedstead. While in exile, Lord Ram had made this place as his residence for some time, which gives the fort its name. During reign of Sambhaji, Aurangzeb came to Maharashtra with the motive to destroy Hindavi Swarajya. Nashik was under the command of Mughals. Mugha…
14.07.2018 23:00
Ramshej, Nashik, India
From Aasamant
One Tree Hill Point can be called one of the most scenic points in Matheran. As the name suggests, this is a point where there exists only one standing tree. It is the most preferred route by trekkers and trails surrounded by some dense forest. Standing at this point, one has an access to a panorami…
01.07.2018 06:00
Matheran, Matheran, India
From Aasamant
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