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Aasamant is an informal group formed by few Nature lovers in June 2005. Since then, this group, on monthly basis is organising different programs like Trek, Tours, Nature trails and Jungle safaris. 

Spending a time in Natural habitat, away from our routine hectic schedule, is truly refreshing.The sole intention of Aasamant group is to arrange these activities in most comfortable manner possible so that more and more people can join these activities and similarly, it will generate a platform for sharing information about History and Nature

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Valley of Flowers is a Vibrant National Park (UNESCO world Heritage Site), located in Uttarakhand & is famous for its beautiful Meadows of Alpine Flowers & variety of Flora. Variety of all Himalayan flowers of various shapes, colors, sizes can be seen in Full Bloom like Blue Poppy, Aster, Br…
19.07.2019 00:00
Valley Of Flower, Joshimath, India
From Aasamant
Anjarle is a Village in Ratnagiri District is one of the popular breeding sites of Olive Ridley Turtles, which visit anjarle every year & lay their eggs. The Turtle festival is annually organized by Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra & Kasav Mitra Mandal in March & April months. The festival offers…
15.03.2019 22:00
Anjarle, Anjarle, India
From Aasamant
The Vasai Fort or the Fort Bassein derives its name from the Portugese word, ”Bacaim.” Fort of St. Sebastian of the Vasai is the actual Portugese name of the fort. The fort derives its name Vasai from a Marathi word.  The area of Bassein was ruled by Chanakya dynasty of the state of Karnataka and w…
17.03.2019 07:00
Vasai Fort, Vasai, India
From Aasamant
Rajmachi (2710 Feet) is a very famous fort near the well known hill station of Lonavala. The route passes through beautiful forest. Rajmachi consists of two small forts (baalekilla) "Shrivardhan" and "Manaranjan".Shrivardhan is a small fort situated towards eastern side of Rajmachi. The entrance to …
23.02.2019 22:00
Rajmachi, Lonavla, India
From Aasamant
Kuari Pass trek (12673 feet) is among the most scenic excursions that you will ever take through the Himalayan Mountains. The Kuari Pass trekking which is also known as the Lord Curzon Trail, crossing passes and beautiful river systems in the Garhwal Himalaya. The trail offers a chance to discover t…
19.05.2019 00:00
Kuari Pass, Joshimath, India
From Aasamant
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