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MATHERANType : Hill FortHeight : 2600 approxRange : MatheranMatheran: (The most unpolluted Hill-Station of Maharashtra)The climate of Matheran is very cool. The most unforgettable things about Matheran are deep forest and the waterfalls nearby, especially in rainy season. The beauty of the hill stat…
01.08.2015 00:00
matheran, matheran, India
From saii1583
  Dear Adventurous,   It gives us a great privilege to inform you that AAROHAN HIKERS is organizing one of the toughest route of trekking in Maharashtra.Most of us have done Harishchandragad via Nalichi Vaat in winter and summer. Have you thought of doing this route in monsoon.Let’s grab our sack an…
15.09.2012 03:10
Harishchandragad Via Nalichi Vaat, Mumbai, India
Dear Rangers, We at Wild Rangers glad to invite you all for Trek to Harishchandragad via Pachnai route & Decend via Tolar Khind on 25-26 July 2015. Harishchandragad is a hill fort in the Ahmednagar region of India. Its history is linked with that of Malshej Ghat, and it has played a major role…
24.07.2015 18:00
Harishchandragad, Mumbai, India
From mayyur8
Dear Friends we invite you all for Night Trek to Gorakhgad on 18th Oct 2014, Leaving Friday night 17th Oct 2014. Fort Gorakhgad is quite small in size. It had strategic importance during the reign of Shahaji Raje. However, no major battle is recorded to have taken place here. It was used in Shivaji’…
17.10.2014 22:00
Gorakhgad Murbad, Mumbai, India
Trekगुरु : Thriling Trek to BHIMASHANKAR via shidi ghat (WLC, Jyotir Ling & the land of Giant Squirrel (शेकरु).)  Date : 02/08/2015 (01/08 nyt) Height : 3296 feet Grade: Medium/Thriling Endurance: Hard Base Village: khandas Imp.: Trekking experience required Cost: Aprx 350 - 450 rs Per Person On…
01.08.2015 22:31
bhimashankar, khandas, karjat, raigad, India

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