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ARE YOU READY??? to spin over the barren landscape, to get lost in one of the remotest yet magical places in Himalayas, to walk over the sand dunes of cold desert, to witness the beauty of Moon Land and Moon Lake, to witness some of the largest lakes change their blue hues several times a day, to wi…
28.08.2015 10:00
Ladakh, Jammu Kashmir, India
From 1234
Name: Sandhan Valley (Valley of Shadows) Grade: Medium with Thrilling Patches Region: Kalsubai Range (Bhandardara Region) Base Village: Samrad Date: 7th March & 8th March (Saturday & Sunday) Last date of Registration: 5th March 2015 History: Sandhan Valley is a beautiful valley situated in t…
07.03.2015 10:00
Bhandardara, Nasik, India
From 1234
Karnala fort is situated about 20 Km south of Panvel situated in the middle of Karnla bird sactuary. This fort is counted as one of the best winter treks since the weather is pleasant and you can see a lot of bird activity in the jungle. This fort because of its peculiar location, used to be an impo…
08.02.2015 07:00
Karnala, Mumbai, India
From 1234
Name: Ratangad Height: 4250 feet approx Grade: Medium Region: Kalsubai Range Base Village: Ratanwadi Date- 31st Jan & 1st Feb Last date of Registration – 27th Jan 2015 History The fort, initially ruled by the Mughals, was conquered by Shivaji Maharaj who loved it like a jewel! It is known t…
31.01.2015 10:00
Ratangad, Nasik, India
From 1234
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