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Mumbai hikers  is a free information service for adventure lovers in mumbai.

Mumbai hikers do not conduct treks but list treks by various groups

Free Membership(No membership fees for mumbaihikers).

Choose an event and pay what is mentioned on that event to the trekking group managing the event

Message us on facebook



or whatsapp 9769848744

New trek leaders

For those new trek leaders who want to post their events on mumbai hikers

There is no payment or membership fee

But you need to email us 

a) Your group must have a name . 

b) Group fb page 

c) Has a group site(optional)
d) details and photos of past treks (on fb page atleast 1-3 past events)
e)details about trek leaders . no of past treks,HMI etc.

Please email details a-e to mumbaihiker@gmail.com

management will take the final call .

Update 21.08.2015 You will need to posts your events on your facebook pages(not groups ).And email a link to your Facebook page to mumbaihiker@gmail.com and mumbaihikers will share it on (mumbaihikers.net and mumbaihikers.org)

Note for trek organisers

Dear Trek Organisers

For those groups which posts their events in multiple sites i.e (2 or more sites).Due to google duplicate content guidelines.guidelines. mumbaihikers will deactivate accounts of groups whose posts are found in multiple locations.

If your group is posting your event all over the internet i.e (2 or more sites).You will need to posts your events on your facebook pages(not groups ).And email a link to your Facebook page to info@mumbaihikers.net and mumbaihikers will share it on (mumbaihikers.net and mumbaihikers.org) . 


All information posted on the Mumbai Hikers website are designed to provide general information .

Individuals should consult a doctor before beginning any program/trek/tour.

Mumbai Hikers makes no representation as to the suitability of any information on the web site for any purpose, and is not under any obligation to update the information

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